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 Notice -- Please Read

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PostSubject: Notice -- Please Read   Notice -- Please Read EmptyFri Oct 08, 2010 12:49 pm

Seeing as how the site has been slowly getting new members, we thought it time to bring something up. As of now, the Administrators and Moderators will be watching the posts more closely.

We ask that since you are now a member of the site, especially main characters, that you post a decent amount every post. Please do no post one sentence or two. Put a little effort into it. We know that not all posts can be a novel and we understand that -- we get lazy too -- but we want to have enough information so everyone can enjoy the roleplaying.

If we notice that the quality of posts are lower than our standards, we will give you two warnings before we will have to put the character up for adoption.

Also, we do not expect you to post everyday. We know that you have a life outside the website and understand that life can sometimes be much more interesting than roleplay - despite the fact that this totally rules - However, if we start to notice that you have been gone for a very long time without explanation, you may find your character up for adoption.

Please, if you have any questions, ask us. We would rather you ask and know than to be unsure on how to continue.
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Notice -- Please Read
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