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Please join us on our forum RP site. We look forward to having you but please remember this is 18+ and quality posts are expected.
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 The Rules and Regulations

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The Rules and Regulations Empty
PostSubject: The Rules and Regulations   The Rules and Regulations EmptyFri Sep 24, 2010 12:17 pm


1. No spamming and advertising!
Please, don't spam over the board and don't advertise in signatures or posts. Advertise ONLY in advertise board. You'll get warning at first, but if you do it again, you'll get banned!

2. Respect!
It's the main rule over here. Respect your fellow RPers and Admins. Everyone is equal here. Don't insult other members! We don't tolerate OOC fighting!

3. Don't RP before you get accepted!
Please, don't post anywhere, except OOC talk or the chatroom, before you get accepted! Be patient.

4. Remain active!
Please, don't register if you aren't going to be active. Post at least once a week. More so if you are a main character.

5. Role play!
We are for an older age roleplayers so we expect more out of you. Should you send one-liners or two-liners, you will receive a warning. You will only get two warnings before your character will be sacrificed and put back up for adoption. Please RP in past tense! Not like this: "Edward smiles and hugs Bella." The correct will be this: "Edward smiled and hugged Bella." Easy, right? And you are not allowed to have more then two canon characters you need to give others a chance as well.

6. Use celebrities as the play byes!
Don't use drawings, manga characters, yourself, your friends, YOUR DOG or some myspace kids as your play by! Use actors/actresses/models/singers/sportsmen, or other famous people. If you need help choosing a play by for your character, post here. I will help you out for sure!

7. Signatures shouldn't stretch the board!
Please, keep signatures reasonable size and don't stretch the board out, or we'll remove them. Same goes for other graphics too.

8. You must be 16+. This site will contain swears and more mature themes, not pornography, and we expect all users to be mature enough and not to be emotionally scarred. Should the Admins find out that you are younger, we will be forced to make a decision on whether you are fit to stay or are simply to young to be on this website.

9. Have fun!
Yeah, that's most important! =]
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The Rules and Regulations
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