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 Heidi - Volturi

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PostSubject: Heidi - Volturi   Heidi - Volturi EmptyThu Jun 03, 2010 12:32 am

Hair: Long, blonde
Eyes: Violet but really red.
Birth: Early 1600's
Turned: Unknown
Creator: Unknown
Abilities: Persuasion and beauty.

Heidi is a gorgeous Volturi guard with long, beautiful blonde hair and long legs. Heidi knows her beauty is exceptional and unforgettable and uses it to her advantage. Her eyes are violet, due to her using blue contacts over hungry red irises. She is very charming and very persuasive which makes her a vital role in the Volturi coven. She has a very exceptional sense of fashion and uses it to emphasize her looks so she can attract more humans for the meals they consume.

Heidi is very vain and narcissistic. She believe she is always right and will do anything to prove her point. She believe the human population filthy and shameful because of the way they dress and behave, which makes her very picky when it comes to choosing a human to eat. She usually only feeds on the rich and fashionable but will go for anything if she's hungry enough. Heidi has a very soft, husky voice that she uses to seduce all who come across her path, whether it be to her benefit or not.

It is rumoured that Heidi and Demetri have a relationship but only those two know of the truth. They act very harsh towards each other at times but Marcus knows of a different story.

Heidi - Volturi Profil14
Do you think you're worthy of her time? Think again.
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Heidi - Volturi
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