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 The New Cullens-Post Breaking Dawn

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The New Cullens-Post Breaking Dawn UZ1th

[size=200]Chapter One[/size]

There aren't many of our kind left; they had all been killed in the war. I stared outside of the castle of the guards watching as I waited for him to come back. It was a law that all newborns must stay inside until they can control themselves around the humans. I wasn't like any of their kind, but they refused to believe me.
I was perfectly in control around the humans for I didn't feed on blood, I fed on... something different.
What I fed on wasn't a physical thing, and you couldn't see it, but it was there. Psychic energy is much more satisfying than blood and it actually fills me better than the rusty blood living beings carry in their bodies.
I sighed in boredom as I waited for him to come back; I was a freak among vampires, and my diet proved it.
"Gisela, would you like to leave this place?" he asked me when he came back.
Eberhard was another freak among us, but he was one of the few. His grey hair cropped to his collar bone to point in all directions. His eyes were golden despite him being a vampire, and this reason is because he feeds on animal blood.
"Are you kidding, I've been wanting to get out of this place since you changed me." I replied. He gave a giggle as he put me on his shoulder.
"I'd go anywhere with you Gisela because I love you with all of my existence." I laughed when he said that; I felt like a horny teenage girl hoping to get a quickie.
He gave me a smile as he dressed me in a white wedding dress symboling a bride on the run. I laughed when he put the veil over my face and pulled it back so I could see. He then jumped off the rail of the three story castle with me in his arms as he landed on his feet with no sound.
He then placed me on my feet and I stood on the ground as the sky cried over head.
We were going to a country known as Die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika to a place called Forks,Washington.
Eberhard and I continued to run as we crossed many borders never having to stop until three days later where we arrived to Forks. When I got there I realized that the locals here were speaking a foreign language that was very similar, yet very different from my own.
"Come on, let's just go find some vampires we can stay with, they're all very welcoming." I said as I stared at his face. Eberhard nodded at me as we followed the scent of vampires to a mansion not too far from the forest.
The New Cullens-Post Breaking Dawn UZ1th

[size=200] Chapter two[/size]

"Wow just look at this place!" I exclaimed as I hopped up and down. Eberhard laughed when he saw me. I smiled as I went behind a tree, and changed into a bright, blue, spaghetti strap dress and blue heels to match. I put my wedding dress inside my bag and I stepped back into the light that was being reflected from the mansion before me.
"You better hope someone here understands German, otherwise we're screwed." Eberhard stated. I sighed and rolled my eyes at that obvious comment, and I walked to the door with him behind me.
"Hello? Does anyone here understand me?"I yelled to the door. Someone opened the door which caused me to smile, and gasp in shock at what I saw. There before me was a small child who was neither human nor vampire, yet another freak among us.
"Um hello sweetie, can I talk to any adults?"I asked in a sweet tone. She rolled her eyes and walked inside as I gasped in shock again at the person who was at the door now.
The person at the door was in his early twenties, his eyes had that same shade of gold, and he had blonde hair.
"Hello, may I help you?"he asked. I nodded when he said this and I looked into his eyes.
"Hello sir, you see I came here from Germany with my husband Eberhard and there aren't any homes for rent so, we were wondering, could we stay here?" I asked. The man gave a nod and welcomed me inside.
"Thank you." I said as I walked inside.
The man revealed himself as Carlisle and asked me if I'd like to sit down.
"Thank you for your kindness."I said as I walked over to the small child.
"May I touch your skin, hübsche, kleine Mädchen?" I asked while holding out my hand.
She nodded and I placed my hand on hers. I could feel a different in body temperature when I touched this girl, and when something inside me connected which meant I had just learned a new language.
I smiled as I let go of her hand and I sat down in a chair.
" Hello everyone, thank you for your kindness. My name is Gisela and he's Eberhard."I introduced. Omnilinguism. The red haired boy thought.
"Well I'm Edward, that's Bella, Jasper, Renesmee or Nessie, Esme, you know Carlisle, Alice, and Rosalie."he introduced. I gave a look to him and when my eyes turned black they all froze.

The New Cullens-Post Breaking Dawn 648459891_380263

Jasper had his hands in a position to where he could spring into action if needed, Edward was in front of Nessie to protect her if I snapped, Carlisle was in front of Esme to protect her, Emmett was in front of Rosalie, and Alice was in front of Emmett. I sighed as I walked over there and I put my hands on Jasper's shoulders as I told him to relax.
Once he was relaxed I fed on half of his psychic energy and I let him go.
He stumbled around the room as he lay down on the white couch he was sitting in earlier.
I noticed my eyes go back to being red after that which put a smile on my stone, cold face.
" What did you do to him?"Carlisle snapped. I knew I had to explain myself so before I snapped in took a deep breath.
" Okay so you know that there are two distinct diets a vampire can take, and you know that a Dhampir or Dhampiresa is possible, but did you know that there are different species of full blooded vampires? You see I am what is know as a Psychic Vampire or a PSI Vampire which means I feed on energy rather than blood."
Their eyes all widened when I explained what I was, which was something I grew used to, after all it's not every day you talk to a Psychic vampire.
I saw a look of envy in Jasper's eyes, and I felt bad for him.
I could clearly tell that blood was still too tempting for him, but there was nothing I could do.

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The New Cullens-Post Breaking Dawn
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