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 The Volturi Amazon Mission

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PostSubject: The Volturi Amazon Mission   Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:07 am

The Volturi had arrived in Brazil. Felix, Demitri, Afton, Chelsea and Heidi had been sent out on this mission to figure out about the disappearances that had been taking place. From what Aro had told them, it seemed clear that it was a newborn problem. Disappearance and a rise in crime was usually a clear sign that the number of reckless newborns had increased to a point where the Volturi had to be involved.

The five vampires were to split up into two groups and gather as much information as possible on the whereabouts of the newborns or at least a clue that could help Demitri locate them, or whatever they were. It was quickly decided that Afton and Chelsea would be one group and Felix, Heidi and Demitri another. The couple would take the east and the three others would take the west.

Not a word was spoken between the two teams but simple nods that all of the understood and they were off, dashing into the forests that surrounded them. Making to keep all their senses trained on finding the newborns as quickly as possible.

It was hard for Demitri to lock onto their location when he had nothing to go by, no scent or look, it was damn near impossible but it wouldn't take guards of their caliber long.
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PostSubject: Re: The Volturi Amazon Mission   Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:58 am

Chelsea and Afton nodded before taking off into the forest. They zipped through the forest, keeping their senses on alert. Listening for any strange movement or other vampires and smelling to catch any different scents.

Suddenly, Chelsea stopped as she caught a major smell of fresh blood. It almost drove her on a blood thirst but many years of practice and discipline had trained her well. She pushed her hunger to the back and focused on tracking the smell. Afton seemed to catch it too because he was following her with eyes wide and chin pointed up.

Chelsea and her mate pushed through the trees and, still behind a bush, caught sight of four newborns fighting over a human corpse. Chelsea frowned and noticed as three more humans were bound and were watching in pure fear off to the side.

Chelsea lifted her chin and nodded at Afton before the two made their way out of the bush. She spoke as the newborns stopped their fighting and looked at the couple, seeming interested as to why they were there.

"Hello. I am Chelsea and this is my mate Afton. We are guard of the Volturi and have heard there was trouble with newly made vampires. I see you have few humans bound and gagged there." Chelsea nodded at the three human women who stared at her in shock. Chelsea also noted that the four newborns were males. Great.

Afton spoke. "Now we want as less trouble as possible. If you could simply answer a few questions, that would help us out immensely."

The three nodded.

Afton smiled. "Excellent. For starters, are there more of you? More in your little coven you have started here?"

Nod. Nod. Nod.

Chelsea in the meantime was looking into their minds. The three seemed to have a stronger bond with a woman vampire. Chelsea wondered if it could be one of the Amazon women who were from the Amazon coven who lived in Brazil. Chelsea would have to be sure to find out.

"And where might these be?"

A pause before a raspy voice, "We will not tell you our creator's location. She warned us that you would come and destroy us but we are stronger than you. So come and try."

Chelsea mentally groaned. Great, they were going to have to destroy these newborns without getting any information from them. She started digging into their minds and binding them to herself and Afton.
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PostSubject: Re: The Volturi Amazon Mission   Tue Aug 10, 2010 3:53 pm

Heidi ran in between Felix and Demitri as they scanned the areas that they passed, careful to get every detail that could possibly pose as clues for the mission. As of yet, there was none.

Suddenly all three vampires came to an abrupt halt at the same time. A tempting smell was wafting towards them, causing their throats to burn deeply and feel like something was trying to claw it's way out. It was a familiar feeling that vampires knew very well, it was hunger. The smell of freshly spilled blood was everywhere, Heidi wouldn't have been surprised if a human could smell its sweet strench.

From the smell of it, there had been a blood bath and that only confirmed that it was the workings of newborns. Older vampires knew to hide their prey or to not feast in very large portions unless you were of higher rank, such as the Volturi, and were able to explain the disappearance. No, this was too bloody and not private enough for a more mature vampire. This was definitely the workings of newborns.

Felix glanced at Heidi before nodding, the huntress also turned to Demitri who copied the same movement as Felix. It would seem that they would attack straight out, first question them and then deal with them immediately. They needed to know the number of vampires that we involved in this so that they could report back to Aro and make sure that no more killings this obvious would happen in the area.

The two boys walked closely to Heidi on either side of her, the male guards of the Volturi were very protective of all the girls in the Volturi because of their smaller numbers. There weren't very many female guards and the males did their best to make sure that they never lost any. Felix and Demitri closed in around the beauty, much to her chargrin, she really didn't like the fact that they thought she needed protection, she could handle herself just fine.

They could smell the number of dead bodies as they walked into the clearing before they even saw them. It made all three of them cringe, not at the fact that there were dead bodies torn and thrown around, but over the fact that they would indeed have to clean up the mess later. And to add to that fact, they were to fight with the tempting smell of blood floating around the area. That always made matters a little harder, especially when they were very hungry.

A quick assessment with their eyes told them the number of dead humans were around a hundred to a hundred and twenty, which wasn't good. The number of missing humans would stirr a panic even after the Volturi had dealt with the newborns.

These newborns had done this country very severe damage that would take a couple decades to heal.
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PostSubject: Re: The Volturi Amazon Mission   

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The Volturi Amazon Mission
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