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 Heidi's Story

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PostSubject: Heidi's Story   Heidi's Story EmptySun Aug 08, 2010 10:26 pm

Heidi de Luna had always known herself to be soft-spoken and shy, everything a lady ought to be. Her parents had ever been boastful of her beauty and that it was incomparable throughout the land but they liked to keep it hidden away in their sleeves, like a handkerchief, that Heidi disliked to be in a lady's presence. At balls and outings, she was often found socializing with the men, playing their games to which was unacceptable for a lady which in turn, gave Heidi a very scandalous reputation. However, even though rumours flew throughout the towns of outrageous doings in her part, men never seemed to grow disinterested in her. It seemed she could do no wrong and that her flawed reputation drew the suitors in. They weren't used to this kind of lady.

She had, of course, many friends because of her very soft appearance. However, she felt as if she only had one true female friend and that was Chelsea Moretti who was of the same age as her, ten-and-eight years. She had found a great friend in Chelsea who had assisted her with every obstacle which had come upon them, including even the most untruthful and outrageous rumours.
It was a grand occasion in London when Heidi progressed into society, the talk of the town. Although Heidi had felt at ease in the company of her family and friends, her presentation to society was a trial indeed. Her insecurity was apparent upon her presentation, but Chelsea helped her to suppress it well enough to maintain her own sense of dignity. She had concluded her season in court with exceptional popularity. Suitors soon came knocking on the de Luna's doorstep in hopes of winning Heidi's hand. Heidi took no notice of them.

Colonel Bewley, a close friend of Heidi, had also been a firm figure at her side during her coming out and many years before. He had not only assisted her brothers with disastrous affairs but also assisted her in developing her own character. He had, over a number of years, been a constant support in her heavily scrutinized life. Heidi remained shy amongst company but was able to converse with the Colonel with easy familiarity. He seemed to be always by her side.

The Colonel had been a frequent guest at Lumsden, her home, except when his commission prevented it. During his visits, he spent much of his time with Heidi, either walking the grounds or listening to her performing the pianoforte. It was however, not until the Colonel had departed Lumsden when his commission demanded it that she understood how much she depended on him. Of course, she enjoyed her brothers' company but they could not compare to the happiness the Colonel brought. Thankfully, Chelsea remained a dear friend to her at these times.

It was one warm summers day, one year after her eldest brother's marriage that Heidi paced the grounds of her home with her best friend. Chelsea had been struck with a cold not but a few days ago so could not take her usual long morning walks with Heidi. However, now that her best friend was well, they could continue their outings at which they did. It was there upon the lawns of Lumsden that Chelsea approached the subject of the Colonel.

"You seem a little desolate, Heidi. I hope that you are not too troubled by Colonel Bewley's departure." Heidi blushed slightly but looked directly toward Chelsea.

"Whatever do you mean, Lea?" She said with a laugh.

"I only feel that you have become rather attached to the Colonel's company during this past year. Your youngest brother claims that he seems to hold some kind of affection for you."

"He has expressed it to my brother?" Heidi asked urgently but Elizabeth miserably shook her head.

"I fear not. Bewley was only expressing his opinion toward another suitor, Bingley. He feels that it would be a good match for you."
"A good match? That man is the second son of an Earl, Chelsea. Surely that is not a match my brother would favour?" Heidi spoke softly and Chelsea laughed slightly.

"Your brothers would do anything to secure your happiness, Heidi. We both know that you have fortune enough for the both of you, despite his birth." Heidi smiled slightly. "Do you feel affection for him?"

"Of course, he is a pleasant man!" Heidi exclaimed.

"No, my dear. Could you love him as a wife loves a husband?" Chelsea asked Heidi softly but Heidi remained silent for a moment while contemplating her response.

"I.. do not know,” Heidi whispered under her breath in fear of being heard even though there was no one in sight.

"Heidi, this man is a good man. I do not see why you do not have affections for him deeper than that of a family,” Chelsea frowned.
Heidi looked up at Chelsea, “Chelsea, you cannot expect me to marry a man in which I do not love. I feel no spark between us. I want a romance like the books I stole from my mother's room as a child.”

Chelsea's feet came to a stop on the rough path before taking Heidi's hands in hers, “You love Colonel Bewley, do you not?”
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Heidi's Story
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