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 Conference Room

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PostSubject: Conference Room   Conference Room EmptySun Aug 08, 2010 8:14 pm

Afton pushed open the large oak door and allowed the ladies to enter in before him before he shut the door with a soft click. The three vampires looked up as Aro greeted them with his child-like voice, "Ah, you have arrived. Excellent. Please have a seat and we will begin our discussion."

The three nodded before taking their designated seating arrangement. A quick glance told Heidi that everyone was indeed here and patiently waiting for their masters to begin.

Aro stood up from his chair, "There is to be a new mission for you. You will travel to Southern France and deal with a rowdy group of newborns that are beginning to cause trouble. Alec, Jane, Demetri, Heidi, Felix and Chelsea; you are to be the ones to complete this mission. The rest of you are to be stationed here as back-up should trouble arise," Aro paused before turning to Jane, "But see to it that that will not happen."

Jane swiftly nodded her head at her masters words, she would make sure everything went as planned. The Elites would have no trouble dealing with pesky newborns, they never had any trouble before.

---------- Caius ----------- Aro ---------- Marcus ----------

--------Alec ------- Jane -------

------ Santiago ----- Corin ------- Felix ----- Demetri ------ Heidi ------ Chelsea ---- Afton ------ Renata -----
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PostSubject: Re: Conference Room   Conference Room EmptySun Aug 08, 2010 8:54 pm

Chelsea walked through behind Heidi as the door was opened by her mate. She patted him on the chest and smiled up at her love before continuing on to her proper seat. Afton soon joined her and she leaned in towards him slightly.

She opened her mind and was engulfed in all sorts of different relationship bonds. She felt the twins' connection to each other as well as Aro's connection to the twins. She saw, of course, her relationship to Afton which was full of love and herself and Heidi's friend relationship. They made her feel full, almost as good as draining a human dry. Chelsea smiled grimly before snapping her head up and listening to the instructions that was set in place for them.

After a swift nod from Jane and a dismissal wave from Aro, the meeting was concluded.
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Conference Room
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