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 Christmas Magic

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Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen

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Christmas Magic  Empty
PostSubject: Christmas Magic    Christmas Magic  EmptyMon Dec 10, 2012 8:15 pm

I was dancing around the living room, adjusting a crooked picture even though it was only crooked by a centimeter -- something that only a vampire eye would pick up on.

Esme and Carlisle were in the kitchen, preparing some dinner for Jacob and Renesmee who were reading together on the floor -- Renesmee was about 5 years newborn years old, looking roughly 16. Edward was playing the piano softly while Bella rubbed his back and listened. Rosalie and Emmett were cuddled up on the couch and, as usual, and I felt eyes watching. I glanced over to see Jasper watching me intently as I went around fixing things and re-arranging. He was sitting properly in the chair -- a perfect gentleman.

As I was admiring his tousled hair, golden eyes and strong jaw when the vision hit me.

My eyes glazed over and I was lost in the future once again.

When I came out of it, I looked up into Jasper's eyes as he was there before me.

Edward groaned, having seen the vision with me but he stopped playing anyway.

"Alice, what is it?" My mate asked, his concern entangled in the words as he spoke them. He rubbed my back as I watched Carlisle and Esme enter the room.

I glanced over at Edward and only shook his head.

I leaned up and kissed Jasper on the lips before turning to the rest of my family.

"The Cullens are going to be having a Christmas party," I said with my tiny smirk.

"Another party. Really Alice?" Emmett said, looking up from him and Rosalie's private affairs.

"Yes," I said, smiling and clapping my hands together, "It will be so much fun. We can invite the wolves if you all want and exchange presents and just have some fun."

I wrapped my arms around my mate's waist and pulled him close, resting my head on his chest.

I let my family think about it for a second and I added on, "I'll do the decorating."
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Jasper Hale

Jasper Hale

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Magic    Christmas Magic  EmptySat Dec 15, 2012 1:36 pm

I wrap my arms around my mate's back and laugh as she rests her head on my chest and holds my waist tight.

Of course, it wasn't an unpleasant vision. I don't know why I thought different. "A Christmas party! That sounds wonderful," I say with truth as my deep laughter rings throughout the room.

"And I'll help decorate." I mutter into Alice's ear. She smiles up at me and I kiss her beautiful lips multiple times.

"That actually sounds pretty fun," Jacob inputs as he looks up from the book he and Nessie were reading. He smiles, his white teeth bright against his russet skin.

Renesmee, sitting next to him and physically a teenager already, nods excitedly with an ear-to-ear grin.

"I could get the pack to come, if you guys want. I think we'd have a good time now that we're not all trying to kill each other." The mutt barks out laughter.

"It would most definitely give us another excuse to use the kitchen," Carlisle says as he wraps his arms around Esme's waist from behind, chuckling. She nods in agreement, beaming at the idea.

I look over to Bella and she nods, starting to smile. "I think that'd be great." I hear her add more pressure to Edward's back, a question. "What do you think?" She mumbles so low I almost don't catch it.

"A house full of dogs, oh yes. That will be so enjoyable," Rosalie comments coldly, crossing her arms. Emmett, an arm draped over her shoulders, lifts her chin with his index finger. "Hey," he mumbles.

I meet my sister's eyes and tilt my head a bit, as if to say, "Come on."

Sam and Emily here, and the pack? I believe that would be fun. I squeeze Alice and look down at her. I worried briefly about the holes this get-together would impale in her visions, before remembering a fraction of a second later how accustomed she's grown to it.

She smiles at me again. "I think- and know- we'll have an amazing time." A tap to my nose. I smirk at her.

"I was going to ask that, was I?" My little pixie giggles and nods. "You were!" I laugh and spin her around once, embracing her the way Carlisle and Esme are. I hold her petite figure and sway us, breathing in her irresistible scent at her hair.
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Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Magic    Christmas Magic  EmptyMon Dec 17, 2012 2:40 pm

I couldn't contain the smile that spread across my lips. I stood up and pulled Bella close to me and soon everyone was lost with their mate, discussing Christmas and how it was approaching very quickly.

I let my lips slide past Bella's temple and rest above her ear as I whisper to her, "I know you never want anything but I did in fact get you something special and I tried to not let Alice help me." I had went shopping with Alice, Esme, and Emmett the other day since we all needed some guidance as to what we should get our mates.

"I know lots of you have gone shopping and found presents for people," the pixie's high-pitched voice caught my ears once more, "but we just need to get a tree. I can't believe we don't have one up yet!" She shook her head and looked at Jacob, Emmett and Rosalie, "You three can go get the tree. Rosalie will be sure to pick out a nice one since she has similar taste to mine." Alice winked at her sister and turned back to her mate.

I sighed, smiling at my loving sister. She was always quick to order people around and tell them what they should be doing.

Bella looked up at me, "Edward, how many times do I have to tell you? The greatest gift is you and our daughter, I don't need anything else."

"Bella," I replied, dipping my head low to capture her lips for a second, "you gave me our daughter and that is the most perfect gift but I can't help but thank you again and again and this is the only way I can thank-you. I love giving you gifts."

She leaned into me and I pulled her close. I looked over my head at our daughter who was talking with Jacob in a low voice. I managed a smile at the two and watched as Jacob put his arm around her. I drew my attention back to my wife in my arms and her the mumbled, happy thoughts of my family and knew that this was going to be perfect.
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Bella Cullen
Bella Cullen

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Christmas Magic  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Christmas Magic    Christmas Magic  EmptyMon Dec 17, 2012 6:03 pm

I rest my head on Edward's chest, listening to his steady breathing. I can hear every perfect expansion of his lungs.

"You don't have to thank me for anything, Edward. And if you're going to, just..." I look up at him and grin sheepishly, then stand on my tip-toes to reach his ear. "Just give me you."

He laughs softly against my dark hair then kisses my head, wrapping his arms more securely around me. "You already have me by default. I don't count."

I roll my eyes and mutter into his button down shirt, "I swear, if it's a car..."

Edward's laughter flows louder and freer at this, and I can't help but chuckle myself. I close my eyes and wrap my arms around my husband's muscular midsection, embracing us completely.

"She's a vampire but still doesn't speak Car and Driver. So disappointing." Jacob laughs. Emmett's booming laughter joins Jake's and I hear two hands smack together- a high five.

"Bella's gotten you quite the gift as well, Edward!" Emmett says with humor. "It's very...symbolic." I turn my head and meet eyes with my brother. We smile at each other. He's right; it is very symbolic- of our first encounters, our struggles, our love, and everything in between.

"Bella, you didn't-"

I cut Edward off before he can start, hushing his lips with my index finger. "Ah ah! No way. None of that. It isn't fair." We smirk at each other and he kisses my finger. I roll my eyes and laugh, giving him a peck on the lips.

"It really is beautiful, Edward... You won't be expecting it. I don't think." Rosalie smiles softly at us, meaning every word. I look at her with soft eyes and a slight upturn of my mouth. It means the world to hear her say that. And she's been helping me with his gift the entire time.

"I'm positive she won't fail to surprise me, as she always does..." Edward's velvet voice speaks softly and quietly as he pulls me close once again. I rest my head on his chest again, unable to resist him. The most incredible man.

It almost felt as if I fell asleep when I fade back into reality, into a different conversation among the family. I catch a disgusted sound come from what sounded like Rosalie.

"Do we really have to go with the dog to pick out a tree?" Yup, it was Rose. I open my eyes a bit and Alice looks at her sister with wide eyes, Jasper still holding her waist. He looks at her with another 'come on' expression.

"Rose," Esme says sternly, a warning.

"Yes, you do. He'll be of great help." Alice scolds.

"Why doesn't Renesmee tag along?" I say into Edward's chest. I lift my head a bit and glance at my seventeen-year-old husband; we smile automatically at each other.

I repeat myself more clearly. "I'm sure she would love help picking out the tree. And it would...smooth things over."

Jacob mouths a thank you. I laugh quietly and nod.

"How does that sound, little lady?" Jake asks my daughter with a bounce of one of her bronze curls. The two were pretty much the same age now. It got me thinking about many futuristic possibilities.

"If Aunt Alice doesn't need me, of course I'll go!" She smiles bright at Jake. I keep my arm around Edward and rub his stomach with my other hand as we admire our beautiful daughter together, smiling like fools.
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Jacob Black

Jacob Black

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Christmas Magic  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Christmas Magic    Christmas Magic  EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 9:51 pm

"The pixie's right! I'll be of GREAT help!" I say, looking directly at Rose. She lets out a fume of a breath and Emmett squeezes her arm.

"So, do you need Nessie, Alice?" I ask hopefully. It really would make things less tense between the Barbie and I.

I hear Edward chuckle quietly, trying to hide it in Bella's hair. I turn my head and smirk at him. "Liked that, did you?"

He nods once, still grinning into his wife's wavy hair. I laugh quietly and shake my head, turning back to Alice and Jasper.

Jasper laughs after silently confronting with her, and nods at me and Nes. "Go right ahead. I'll be helping her and Esme with decorations. Though, this house is pretty well decorated..."

"Well, it needs more!" Alice says with a playful smile as she turns in his arms. I laugh and hop to my feet, offering Renesmee a hand. She hops up as I did, radiating a smile.

"Alright, lets get this over with." Blondie sighs and gets up, standing by the door already in less than half a freakin' second.

"Have a good attitude while choosing a tree, Rosalie," Esme says from the kitchen as her and Carlisle truffle through the fridge; probably seeing what they need for dinner and whatnot.

"Those are orders." Carlisle adds with a humorous smile.

With a roll of her eyes and a "sure," Rose stomps out the door. Emmett shakes his head at me. "Don't mind her."

I laugh and put my arm around Nessie, starting outside with her. "S'alright, I'm used to it."

Emmett laughs and opens the door for us. The three of us wave and give a quick goodbye to everyone as we head out to meet Rose in the front yard.

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Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen

Posts : 73
Age : 118
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Location : Forks, Washington

Christmas Magic  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Christmas Magic    Christmas Magic  EmptyMon Dec 24, 2012 12:06 am

Smiling, I watch the four leave then I turn to the rest of my family, hands on my hips.

"The rest of us are in charge of preparing everything for the day that is coming up quick. Esme, Carlisle, you two are in charge of the kitchen and making food for the wolves. Edward, Bella, go ahead and either wrap your gifts up or run and get changed. This party is happening tomorrow so if you need to do last minute shopping, head out now," I smirked at the two of them as they became lost in one another again. I smiled at them, thinking of the trouble they had gone through in order to get to where they are today -- completely happy and in love with each other.

Edward's eyes met mine for a moment, acknowledging the thought, before returning to Bella's.

"And we are doing the decorating, right, my dear?" My mate's voice met my ears and I shuttered as his accent peeked through.

I turned to him, touching hip lips, tracing them with a thin finger.

"Yes," I whispered, "We are going to be decorating and getting this place in order. Those four best be hurrying back with the tree. We don't have much time to get this place in order."

I took his hand and started leading him to our room that held some old decorations -- mostly mementos from past Christmases. I tended to just go out and buy new tinsel and have a different theme each year.

"We also need to go get new decorations," I told me mate, leading him to the room that was upstairs, "We are doing a winter wonderland theme this year so I'm thinking a bunch of snowflakes and white...everywhere!" I giggle and kiss him on the lips while he smiles at me, shaking his head and holding in a laugh.

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Bella Cullen
Bella Cullen

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Christmas Magic  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Christmas Magic    Christmas Magic  EmptyMon Dec 24, 2012 11:57 pm

"Get changed?" I glance down at my jeans and sweater, then return my eyes to Edward. "What does she expect us to wear? Ball gowns?"

Edward's melodic laughter rings throughout the house, mingled with Carlisle and Esme's chuckles from the kitchen.

"I heard that!" Alice playfully scolds me.

"I wouldn't be surprised, Bella," Esme laughs. I laugh, shaking my head, and then hear Alice telling Jasper about the winter wonderland theme as they sprint upstairs.

"A theme?" I mouth to Edward. How in the heck is there a theme for Christmas? It's...Christmas. He laughs again and tugs one of the belt loops in my jeans, pulling me gently to him.

"You know Alice."

"Maybe I'm just too uncreative and plain."

Edward shakes his head. "You remain unable to see yourself clearly, Bella. You are the most fascinating, original, unpredictable, extraordinary woman. Nothing about you is...plain." He says the last word as if it tastes bad on his tongue.

I never know how to thank Edward when he compliments me, especially when he does it every moment of every day. Words and kisses don't feel like enough anymore.

I simply look at him with adoration and appreciation, and I pull his head down to kiss him passionately. I swear I feel my dead heart beat once.

"Mmm... Vinyl record player for Renesmee?" he mumbles against my lips. I breathe in his deliciously cool breath and smile. "Mmhm, check."

We know how much Renesmee adores our record player that sits in the cottage; therefore we came to the decision to get her her own.

"Your old truck for Jacob, and the new tools?" I nod and smile wider. The Chevy was Billy's originally, and now it was coming back around to Jake, who also fixed it up for me. I hope he doesn't find that cheap.

I hear Edward grin as he slowly lifts his head some, and I open my eyes. "I'm just trying to sound productive, incase Alice is listening." His mouth transforms into a beautiful smirk.

I laugh and nod, agreeing with him. "Smart move. Who knows the consequences with her." I intertwine my hand with his and lead us outside, vamping a bit deeper into the forest.

"Carlisle, an antique watch?" I ask as I turn to face my mate.

"Check! Wrapped and ready to go."

"Esme: scrapbook?"

Edward tucks a lock of hair behind my ear and smiles. "Check. Needs to be wrapped, though."

I nod and vamp onto a tree branch, hanging myself upside down. "Emmett and Rosalie... Simply lingerie?"

Edward laughs and climbs to my branch, sitting on it next to me and letting his legs swish back and forth. "Check. Wrapped."

We agreed lingerie will benefit them both.

"Good! I have to create that pass for Alice, still.... That allows her to treat me like her own personal Barbie for a day." Edward and I laugh together, music in the forest.

"I must admit," my seventeen-year-old husband crosses his arms, "I, too, will be quite thrilled when the day comes for Alice to put that pass to use. I'm looking forward to see what she puts your beautiful figure in." A smirk plays on his lips.

I smile and swing myself up into a sitting position like his, scooting closer. He wraps his arms around me happily.

"Imagine what she'd do if she saw us just sitting here right now." I laugh as I rest my head on his shoulder.

Edward laughs, rubbing my arm. "You can never be quite sure with Alice."

We swing our feet and sit there awhile, enjoying the sounds of the forest and time with one another. Alice sure must be busy if she hasn't seen the future and come out and scolded us by now.

"Alright, let me go get the truck prepared for Jake." I rub my husband's back. "You go wrap Esme's gift and get the rest ready to set under the tree."

"Sounds good, my love." Edward smiles and steals a few kisses before we jump from the branch. I squeeze his hand with a smile. "See you in a bit."

Edward kisses my hand, kneeling on one knee and all as I laugh, before we finally head opposite directions, both with tasks at hand.

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Renesmee Cullen
Renesmee Cullen

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Christmas Magic  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Christmas Magic    Christmas Magic  EmptySun Jan 27, 2013 12:57 pm

Fiddling with the warm cashmere scarf that Alice had bought for me only a few days ago, I made sure that my neck was completely covered so as to not get a chill.

However, I felt big hands slightly skew the fluffy white earmuffs I had put on and turned around a little fast than humanly possible, waving my finger at Jake, "No! Bad puppy." The look I got in return was priceless as I giggled in response before placing the earmuffs back in their place.

Blowing a puff of air towards Jacob, I spun around and darted forward towards Uncle Emm, gazing up at the sky as fluffy snowflakes came to a rest in my hair before melting away. I was so excited. I loved picking out the Christmas tree every year and I was scared that I wasn't going to be able to earlier.

I wanted to pick out the biggest one which was even more possible since we had such a big house and vampire strength to carry it back home.

Wrapping my tiny hands in my Aunt and Uncle's hands, I quickly tugged them forward, or rather, tried tugging their solid forms forward. "C'mon, c'mon, let's go pick a tree!"

Cheeks flushed by the cold weather and excitement, I laughed happily when they complied and began following after me. Peeking over my shoulder, I saw Jacob's gaze fixed on me and turned an even brighter pink.

I was even more excited that I got to spend more time with Jacob.
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Magic    Christmas Magic  Empty

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Christmas Magic
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