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 Just Bad Luck

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Bella Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:57 pm

I scream and shout at Alice through the thick wall, but she doesn't respond again. I finally cease and turn back around, leaning against it for support.

She faintly remembers Jasper. Faintly. That's what she had said.

I let all the information run through my mind, which takes me a total of one second. Alice and I arrived here in Volterra twenty-four hours ago. A few hours ago, I became a murderer by changing my diet and killing people. In that same period, as I was distracted, Chelsea broke Alice's bonds, all of them except one thread for Jasper.

Why would she leave that one tiny thread? I think. It makes no sense. Unless she didn't get the chance to totally finish it all... Or did she have some compassion?

A compassionate Volturi member. With the exception of Carlisle long ago: not a chance.

I sigh, calling out Alice's name once more- and receiving no reponse- and criss cross my legs, slumping as I stare at my boots.

Despite Alice not knowing who I am anymore (which is still quite difficult to accept), I feel a bit more calm knowing she is in the room right next to me, that I have someone. A dark cloud of sadness comes over me. I can't believe I lost my sister.

But now isn't the time for weakness, Bella, I tell myself. Think of everything you've been through. Try to get out of this.

Another mood swing coming along. Confident words ring in my head, but what's the point? I'll soon return to crazy, or more sadness will engulf me. "Come on, Bella, just do something," I mutter to myself. "Would Edward just sit here?"

I shake my head, answering myself. I don't think he would. I think he would ask himself the same question, only replacing his name with mine. I take an unnecessary deep breath, trying to keep my emotions consistent.

I push out my shield with ease. After six years, I can control it effortlessly. I need little concentration. But I'm still not skilled enough to do it with Edward kissing me. A very small sound escapes my lips, barley a chuckle, at the thought. I watch my pretty shield stretch out around me, admiring the light pink glow. 

I practice with it, pushing it out farther, pulling it back in. Sometimes I do it slowly, sometimes abruptly, just testing and teaching it. After what feels like fifteen minutes, I pull it in abruptly again. A sharp pang hits me, but it doesn't hurt. I could just feel it. 
I shudder, the feeling new to me. This has never happened before. I feel...I feel a bit empty...A bit..naked? I try pushing out my shield. Nothing.

Panic begins flaring inside me. I push harder, concentrating completely on the image of my shield. No glow, no hint of it even budges. 

No way. No no no.... But how? My breathing picks up unnaturally. How can this suddenly be happening? And at a time I probably need my shield most?

I try again, and again, and again.... No sign. My hands find my hair and rush through the dark strands. I lost my family, my soulmate, my daughter, my sister... And now my shield, my ability...

What the hell....
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Jasper Hale


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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:45 pm

"So, what's the plan again?" Jacob asks in the backseat of the sleek, black convertible. I roll my eyes and almost groan, but restrain myself. 

"I explained this once more on the airplane, dog," Edward snaps. "Were you not listening?"

"He's just double checking, daddy," Renesmee defends him with a soft tone. I see my brother's dark eyes flash in the rear view mirror.

"You two stay back," I elucidate, watching as the huge castles of Volterra begin to grow larger among the green forests. Alice is so close and yet still so far....

"Back with Emmett and Rosalie." My eyes then take a glimpse at the mirror on my side, the Porsche with our additional family members right on our tail. I couldn't take the Porsche when 'borrowing' the cars; it was much too painful knowing Alice had used one to saved Edward along with Bella- an event I wasn't even aware of until afterwards.

My brother glances at me, probably reading my mind. I lay my darkening irises back on the now completely visible city and continue. "If possible, all four of you stay on the outside."

"If possible?" Edward intervenes. I turn my head to look at him. "Knowing Aro, there is a chance he'll want everyone present, Edward," I tell him, and I can see in his eyes that he knows I'm right.

"Carlisle, Esme, Edward and I will take care of everything. And if you do end up coming along, you stay far back, away from Aro." I whip my head around to look at Jacob. "Clear?"

"Crystal," he retorts with a slight sneer, but I can tell he's serious. He knows to protect Renesmee. I shift my eyes to my niece and give her a small smile before returning to my normal, still posture.

Edward looks at me again, not bothering with the road. I meet his ice cold stare and tilt my head. Edward, he would not be here if we didn't trust him. We've got to by now; it's been years.

He focuses back on the road, mouth in a hard line and eyes wide and determined. "I still don't like it," he mutters, so low Jacob couldn't have heard.

"I know," I reply in the same low voice, staring at our ever-growing destination. Alice gets along well with Jacob now, therefore I've grown to enjoy his company and get to know him. We all know he would do anything for Renesmee, protect her to any degree. But I must understand why it's so difficult for my brother. That's his daughter.... that can't ever be easy.

The change of scenery breaks my train of thought as we're suddenly going through the short customs line. Edward and (in the other vehicle) Carlisle handle things and get by smoothly.

I suck in a long breath as we park, reality hitting me. My Alice is right there; I'm so near her, it's possible I could feel her emotions from this far, considering the time we've been together.

It seems to be hitting Edward, too, because he draws in air a second after I do. I look up at the sky through the windshield, ignoring the small scratches and deceased insects there, and think of my Alice years ago when we introduced my sister-in-law to vampire baseball for the first time.

"It's time...."
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Edward Cullen


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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:00 pm

We park near the mansion -- the mansion possessing my wife and sister.

We move at a fast human walking pace. The clouds hang over us and luckily there are hardly any humans around. Good.

We stop beside an abandoned building. I bring my daughter to close to me, wrapping an arm around her, not wanting to lose her, too.

My family gathers around. I can hear Jasper shifting his weight, anxious to get Alice back. The rest of my family's thoughts are grim. Emmett doesn't like the plan of not coming but he knows he would rather be with Rosalie and protect her.

"Remember, if anything goes wrong, get out of here. The Volturi shouldn't know we are coming yet..unless Alice has told them..." I trail off, glancing at Jasper.

I bend down and kiss my daughter's forehead, "I promise we'll be back with your Mother."

She looks up into my eyes, sadness etched in her features. "I hope so, Daddy."

Then, I do one of the hardest things imaginable -- I pass my daughter's hand onto Jacob's. I look him in the eyes before letting go, "Take care of her. Keep her safe."

"Always," he replies.

I turn to Jasper, Esme, and Carlisle, "Alright, let's move."

We vamp to the entrance after knowing that there are no humans around at this time. Rain starts to fall.

A growl rips from my throat and glances are thrown my way. "A complication," I say in a low tone, "Alec, Jane, and Demetri await us. He already knows."

We walk slowly up to the door and it's thrown open and the three thoughts that I heard are waiting for us.

A slow smile spreads across Jane's face, "Welcome, Cullens."

After reading their thoughts, my heart and soul sinks.
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Alice Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:07 pm

A vision hits me just after talking with this Isabella. I see her releasing her shield. She's a shield. She's able to shield people. I watch her in this shield pushing it out completely in front of Aro. The scene switches to a group of vampires with golden eyes. My mental eye flickers over the one vampire with scars and he looks very familiar.

Shaking my head, I move to the door. I need to tell Aro about this. Perhaps he can make meaning of it.

"I need to speak with Aro," I say calmly through the door. I adjust the cloak and pull the hood up to shadow my features.

Felix opens the door and jerks his head towards the Grand Hall, "Come."

I hear Bella shouting protests at me, wondering what I am doing. I ignore her. She doesn't need to know.

When I reach the Grand Hall, Aro is already waiting. Jane and Alec are nearby, standing close together. Demetri is now beside Felix, the two talking in a hushed tone. These vampires are who I'm with now. I need to prove to Aro that I can be with the Volturi.

"Ah, sweet Alice. You have a vision for me?" He says, clapping his hands together.

"I do," I glide forward and he reaches his hand out. Without hesitation, I place my hand into his and let him view all my thoughts, including the most recent vision. The most important matter at hand.

He blinks and a smile spreads across his face. Without taking his eyes from mine he says, "Oh my."
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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:44 pm

The pixie is in front of Master Aro and when she is finished with her vision, Aro turns to my sister and I. "The rest of the Cullens will be arriving shortly. You, Jane, and Demetri will greet the guests at the front door." He glances around the room and his land on Demetri's, "And make sure all of the Cullens are present, including the wolf."

"They brought him?" Master Caius spits with disgust, his fingers tightening on the chair arms.

Master Aro raises a hand, "Please, brother, he but a guest. He made the trip here, too, so the least we can do is make him feel welcome."

My face twists in disgust. The damned Cullens -- can't they just move on? Alice and Isabella are with us, now.

"Felix, you may bring Isabella here because I'm sure she is missing her family and would like to see him," Master Aro says in a calm tone and he moves Alice to his side. I glance at the pixie's face and see that there is no recognition, no fighting when the Master mentions her family.

Jane and I moves side-by-side together down the hall towards the front entrance. Demetri is just behind us.

"They are almost here," he says quietly, "But only a few are coming to the stairs, the rest of the Cullens are back by another building."

"They will come out. If not, we will retrieve them," my sister replies in a bored tone. I glance at her and notice her expressionless face. She is getting tired of the Cullens just as I am.

Upon reaching the door, Demetri opens it just as Edward, Jasper, Esme, and Carlisle reach the steps.

"Come to visit us so soon, Cullens? You should have stayed back in your homeland," Jane says, her red eyes flickering across the four of them.

"It is quite pointless." I say, glaring at each one. They only cause havoc. They should be destroyed.

"We've come to speak with Aro about Bella and Alice." Carlisle says, stepping forward, spreading his hands.

"Aro does want to see you." Jane replies, tilting her head, "All of you."

"No." Edward growls out, "Just the four of--."

Edward is down on the ground, his teeth grinding together and his back arched. His fists pound the floor as he shuddering with agony. My sister smirks.

"Stop it, Jane, please stop." Esme's desperate voice meets my ears and I glare at her.

"You were saying, Edward?" My sister says when he lays still on the ground, his breathing heightened.

Chelsea, Afton, and Heidi are behind the four Cullens, guiding them into our home. Afton picks Edward up by his arm, shoving him inside.

"I'll go with them if you, brother dear, go retrieve the others with Felix and Demetri." Jane says, motioning behind us as Felix appears.

I nod then we are off to get the last of the wretched Cullens, including the pathetic dog.
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Bella Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:57 pm

Alice doesn't answer me as I shout at her through the wall again, demanding to know what she needs to show Aro. It's useless; she is.... she's one of them, now.

But I don't have to wait long. Less than a couple minutes later- as I'm still trying to push my shield out again- Felix flings my door open. I stop my concentration and meet his devious gaze of red.

He vamps and grabs my arm, pulling me out the door. "What is going on?" I ask in a low voice through my teeth. "You have visitors." He says simply, but in the same tone as mine. I have visitors? It couldn't be....

"You mean-"

"Quiet, Cullen." I almost rear my arm back into him, but I don't want to start trouble, and especially not with Felix. Instead I bite my tongue and think as I stomp down the Grand Hall, bicep clutched in Felix's huge hand.

Could it be them? My family? Who else could it possibly be, though? I didn't know what to feel: anxious or overjoyed, relieved or absolutely terrified.

Finally, we enter the center of the castle. It is quiet, no guards around. Aro, Marcus, Caius, and Alice. Felix shoves me roughly forward and then leaves for the direction to the main entrance.

I focus on Aro and Alice, who stand side by side. Aro looks thrilled, a smile plastered on his face. "Isabella," he speaks my name slowly, pronouncing it 'Is-a-bell-a.'

Before he can say anything else, I speak up, hesitantly: "My family is here?"

"Ah, so it seems." Aro's annoyingly gentle voice replies. "Each of them have decided to pay a visit."

As soon as it is confirmed, I can't help but let my mouth upturn very slightly. The thought of seeing and hearing my husband again was overwhelmingly sweet.
And then I snapped back to reality.

Everyone? Including my daughter? No, no no no way she can come in here. I don't want to believe it. Edward must have a perfectly good reason for allowing her to come! Maybe he just didn't have a choice... Nor do I want my mate in this room. I don't desire any of my family in this castle or even the city, though I'd give anything to see them again.... I don't want anyone getting hurt, emotionally or physically.

I've run all this past myself in less than two seconds. My eyes focus back on Alice. She stares at me, the hood of her cloak shadowing her petite face. "Jasper," I say his name to gauge her reaction. Recognition flashes in her eyes, and she swallows. He is the only one who has an effect on her.

"Yes, him as well as the rest of them," Aro answers. I meet his eyes and nod. I try to stay as calm as possible; I cannot risk to screw anything up or get anyone hurt.

I stand like a statue, staring in no particular direction, forcing my shield out again and failing. Aro makes small talk to the rest of us in the ancient room, glimpsing to me every so often. Every now and then I glance to Alice, who seems to be engrossed in Aro's banter. I run my hands through my dark hair and smooth down my leather jacket, trying again. A very, very thin layer of my shield radiates off me. I manage to hold it there for ten....twenty....thirty seconds before it snaps back in.

And finally, footsteps coming down the main entrance hall interrupt my concentration. I break my stance and whip around, tense, awaiting my family.
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Emmett Cullen


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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:37 pm

Shit, I think to myself as Alec, Demetri, and Felix make their way toward us by the abandoned building.

I gently push Rosalie behind me, glancing back to be sure Renesmee is safe, too. She clutches my mate's jacket as she releases Jake's. The pup comes up beside me as a second guard.

Jacob and I nod at each other before returning our eyes to the Volturi. I keep my stance threatening and firm, eyeing Felix specifically. Demetri leads them, and begins speaking before they even reach us.

"You all aren't getting off the hook so easily," he says simply but with a harsh undertone. "Aro wants everyone present."

"The dog and child stay," I reply, brow deepening. Demetri and his two flanks stop a few feet away from us, almost smirking.

"It doesn't look like you have a choice."

"Don't make this difficult, Emmett," Felix adds on to Demetri's comment. A growl rips through me, as well as the urge to fight. I feel a hand squeeze my large bicep.

I turn my head and meet Rosalie's worried golden eyes. She nods her head towards them. She's telling me to just go. I press my lips together for a moment before nodding. She's right; I guess we don't have a choice.

"Fine." I say. I catch Jacob sneer.

Demetri smiles, preparing to turn on his heel as Alec and Felix get behind us. "Follow me."
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Jasper Hale


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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:38 pm

Carlisle, Esme, Edward, and I follow Jane through the castle- past long corridors, in elevators, down stairs. I swear I can feel my dead heart pounding with anticipation to see my mate. I don't doubt my brother feels the same.

The entire way to the center, I am feeling for Alice's emotions. I assumed I'd be able to pick up on them by the time we reached the elevator, but still nothing. It isn't until we are right outside the large doors that I feel her.... but it doesn't feel like her.

I suck in a breath and meet Edward's eyes briefly. We nod at each other, sharing the feeling of expectancy. Jane swings open the doors and leads us in.

My eyes immediately search for Alice, and she's not hard to find. She stands firmly by Aro's side, dressed in a black cloak. She looks up at us upon entering and takes down her hood. Her eyes skim the small crowd of family emotionlessly, and finally land on mine. Familiarity sparks inside her.

What? I think, of all things. I had expected relief to flood inside me upon seeing my wife again, had expected relief and even possibly happiness to come off of her in waves. But all I feel from her is that feeling of possibly having seen a person before, as she stares at me; and all I see in her hard eyes are the final tints of gold being washed away with red.

And panic fills me. What happened to her? I don't realize I'm still walking with my family as I shift my eyes to see my sister. Bella's eyes are fully red, relieved, loving, and sad as she stares inches to my left- at Edward.

I try to calm down and give my brother his moment, turning my gaze back to Alice. "Alice is different," I say under my breath, barley audible, lips unmoving.

"I can tell. Much too different," Carlisle responds in a tight voice behind me.

"Ah, young friends, so nice of you to visit," Aro begins. I snap out of my daze, giving my attention to the central monster. But Bella catches my eye before I can fully start listening.

I'm sorry, she mouths. Undoubtedly, she means Alice. I close my mouth in a tight line and nod slightly in her direction, hoping my eyes will show her it's okay.
Even though it isn't.

I flicker my eyes to Edward as an emotion of his hits me: bewilderment. My quick glance shows me he's staring at his mate, mouth open, eyebrows furrowed. Curiosity sparks inside me. Is something odd about Bella, too?

My mind whips around information and observations and theories furiously. I barley notice it when Carlisle takes charge, stepping around my brother and I. Esme squeezes both of our shoulders.

These golden eyes of mine are glued to my Alice, who doesn't seem to be my Alice anymore. She watches Aro talk, her crimson irises glimpsing every so often to me.

And suddenly Carlisle and Aro's conversation is cut off by the doors opening once again; Emmett, Rosalie, Jacob, and Renesmee walk through.
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Edward Cullen


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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:49 pm

My eyes focus on Bella when we enter the main hall. Her eyes -- blood red. No. Not my Bella. It can't be. She can't be like this. I mentally let out a cuss word and my thoughts swirl around the thoughts of the few family members that are beside me.

Jasper's are full of concern for Alice, knowing something it up. I dip into her thoughts and nearly let out a growl when I hear them. She doesn't care for any of us. Hell, she doesn't even remember us. I hear her briefly note Jasper -- as if she's met him somewhere before. Met him from somewhere before?! Is she serious? Esme and Carlisle's are full of worry for Alice and Bella but Carlisle is figuring out what to say to Aro.

I focus again on my mate. There is something wrong with her. Something the matter. I don't like it. She seems almost...worn out. I will kill Aro.

My head snaps up and I look over my shoulder when I hear more thoughts coming towards the Grand Hall. No. Not my daughter.

Sure enough, the rest of my family are led in by more Volturi scum. I hear a strangled cry come from Bella and I let a growl rip through my throat.

"Ah, the whole Cullen clan is here at last." Aro says in a sweet tone, clapping his hands together. I focus my eyes on him again, my brow set in a permanent frown.

We are all together, expect Bella and Alice who are over by Aro. I bring Renesmee to my side almost immediately. Jacob follows and I can feel the waves of heat rolling off him. Emmett is bristling behind me, Rosalie stroking his chest. Jasper clenches his fists.

"And my sweet Alice," Aro states, gesturing to my sister, "has decided to join us permanently. She has become so loyal is just these past few hours. In fact, she's even shown me something useful."

I try to see where is thoughts are going and I hear my mate's name among his swirling, mental words. No, not Bella. My dead heart shatters when his other hand gestures towards my mate. What about Bella? This can't be happening. I don't dare move. I can't. I'm frozen. I feel Renesmee tug on my hand, squeezing it. She's keeping me from vamping over to Aro and ripping his head off. I land my golden eyes back on my mate. My Bella is too close to him.

"Bella," Aro says with a smile tugging on his lips, "would you like to demonstrate how you've developed your precious ability?"
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Bella Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:28 pm

I am overjoyed at the sight of my husband, but the mental victory is short-lasted as my daughter walks into the room.

Aro's words go in one ear and out the other as my eyes are locked on Edward, who seems frozen with anticipation, and Renesmee, who seems to be trying to keep her father calm.

"Isabella?" Aro repeats. I finally tear my eyes away from my family and look at the monster before me. I am cautious of my thoughts, trying my best to keep them to myself and from Edward.

Alice glares at me as a strong hand finds my bicep, tugging. I whip my head only to see Jane now standing a few yards in front of me. Felix practically tosses me to her like a bone, and I skid to a stop several feet away from her.

"I've always wanted to try this," she speaks simply, matter-of-factly. A devious smirk forms on her lips.

I grip my fists, mentally knowing what to expect but afraid of how I'm going to handle it physically. I've heard the horror stories of Jane's power, and seen it with my own eyes on both my mate and daughter. It was obviously not going to be pleasant.

I grit my teeth and slowly lift my gaze to Jane. Stay confident, I think. I handled the birth, the transformation, and so much more... I can do this...

My red eyes meet hers just as Edward opens his mouth to scream something, but all I hear is: "Pain."

And my vision, touch, sound, every sense and fiber in my body gives in to the fire exploding in my veins.
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Carlisle Cullen


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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:07 pm

I watch in horror as Bella sinks to the floor. But how? Where was her shield? It was all too much to comprehend.

Alice, my dear daughter who now did not seem to even recognise us. Bella, whose crimson eyes shone in pain now, they had both fed on humans.
Renesmee let's out a strangled cry as she sees her mother in the pain that she knows far too well. I can only stand here, as I did at our home when my daughter's were captured.

Edward's fists clench, and pain, anger and anguish are etched on his face all at once. Jasper, a picture of heartache and loss stands there motionless, his eyes trained on Alice. Jacob shakes ever so slightly, restlessly moving from foot to foot as he stays as close behind Renesmee as possible.

"Aro. Stop this now. Stop it!" I struggle to remain rational, anger and worry boiling inside of me, coursing through my veins where my blood used to be.

Aro's lips curl slightly, he does nothing to stop Jane's assault.

"Bella... Bella use your shield... My love please." Edward begs fruitlessly, he knows there is something wrong, her shield is even failing to keep her thoughts a secret from him.

After what seemed like an eternity of seconds, Aro raises his hand in Jane's direction, and Bella's writhing ceases.
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Bella Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:26 pm

I lay on the ancient, marble stone floor of the Volturi's lair, gasping for air.

My body still trembles ever so slightly, just from the shock. But the pain is gone. That wretched fire is- thank God- gone, vanished from my veins. I stop my gasping, realizing my lungs don't need the air. I close my eyes briefly, collecting myself. And then a warm, strong hand is on me.

"Bella, love," a rushed and hushed whisper meets my ears, the first sound since pain exploded like dynamite in my body. The sound of worried velvet, the sound of music. Edward.

"Edward," I speak his name, voice hoarse. My eyes fly open and his glorious, angelic face is above me. His eyebrows are furrowed, worried lines creasing his forehead. I wiggle my fingers, testing the waters. I feel fine-- physically.

My hand finds his and clutches it for dear life, squeezing hard. He squeezes back, and a relieved breath releases from his mouth as he gently falls, his forehead meeting my shoulder. His scent overwhelms me; I need to remind myself it's only been a little more than a day. But I don't care.

I wrap- more like throw- my arms around his neck and keep a tight, iron grip. In an instant his arms are around me, lifting me up. I see my family over my husband's shoulder. Carlisle and Esme, impossibly, wear small smiles, looking at us. Jasper's eyes flicker from who I assume is Alice and toward us. His mouth twitches, as if he wants to smile but can't. I don't blame him. My daughter watches with light tears in her eyes, beside Emmett and Rosalie and Jacob.

I can't believe I'm in Edward's arms. I bury my face in his neck, as he does mine. We don't say anything; we just savor the moment of having one another back. I relish his strong body against mine. But all too soon, reality flows back to my consciousness.

Aro's too gentle, ghostly voice slithers into my ears. "What do we do with you now...?"
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Edward Cullen


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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Mon Dec 02, 2013 6:55 pm

The agony tears through my body as I watch her crumble to the floor. I hear Renesmee gasp and she slaps a hand to her mouth. No, not my Bella. No no no no no. This cannot be happening.

But it is.

Jane's one word slams into me and Aro's raised hand is all I need.

I'm there in an instant and Bella's in my arms. I inhale her scent and taste her skin on my lips as I press my lips into her neck. She's my Bella. I want to wrap her up in my arms and carry her away from this horrible place. I never, never, never wanted her to experience that. Ever. I hold her tight, never wanting to let her go.

We pull back just slightly to check on our daughter who's know behind Rosalie and Emmett. I hear Aro's words meet my ears. I slip Bella behind me, keeping a hand on her waist. Never letting go of her again.

I find my voice, see it tangled among a web of Bella lying on the floor, Bella's red eyes, Renesmee's tears, Alice's vacant expression. I tug it forth and say, "What is it you want now, Aro?"

The room falls silent. All I can hear is Renesmee's heart beating too fast.
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Jasper Hale


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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:00 pm

Alice doesn't know us. She doesn't care... She's one of them now.

I shut my eyes for a moment and then reopen, letting reality sink in. I can't tell whether my chest becomes hallow or gets heavier. I stare at Alice, at the side view of her red irises, as she glares at Edward and Bella, who have reunited. A very small part of me is thrilled for the two; but all my focus and feelings are towards my mate, my mate who doesn't even know she is my mate.

"What now?" I ask, keeping my eyes on Alice as I respond to Aro, or Edward, or whomever spoke last. I surprise even myself by my loud words. But something snapped inside of me. Alice has practically been brainwashed; she is no longer mine. And she's my life. What do I have to lose?

I take a few steps forward, away from Esme's soft grip on my shoulder, as eyes flicker to focus on me. My eyes narrow in on Aro now, and I can almost feel them growing darker with my mood. "That is the question, isn't it? What do you do with us now? That's always the question. Well, here's an option: Why don't you just kill us all?"

The reaction is what I predicted: widened eyes, small intakes of breath. "Jasper," Rosalie hisses in my direction, holding Renesmee close to her. Alice's head tilts to the side just a bit. Bella's lips only part slightly. And Edward's expression doesn't change at all.

"Why the hell not!" I shout, looking around once before returning my glare to Aro, who stares curiously. "You won't stop, you'll never stop. You'll keep taking and taking from us until we're falling apart and none of us are left, until we're all under your lead. We'll continue to live in fear of the Volturi until you get what you want, and that, of course, will not be a happy ending for us Cullens. So what are you waiting for?"

I stand only a few feet away from Aro now, my anger causing me to move more quickly than intended. "We're sick of your games. And this is a sick government. One rule, we have, and that rule we have not disobeyed. Yet you keep pulling us in for torture; you keep taking away from us; you continue to have us live under your threats." I finally stop my trek a foot away from Aro, maybe less. All I know is I'm face to face with him. My angered voice of truth falls down to an almost inaudible pitch, filled with disgust.

"You're no leader. You are a complete, utter monster." I hold Aro's stare for some time before turning my head a bit left, and meet Alice's wide, crimson eyes.

"I'm so sorry it had to come to this, Alice."
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Just Bad Luck
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