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 Just Bad Luck

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Jasper Hale

Jasper Hale

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Thu May 23, 2013 9:08 pm

Hearing Edward's words made brand new hope and relief blossom like a flower in my heart. I let out a puff of air, not realizing I was holding it until then.

I try to talk to my brother, but he won't respond to me nor Carlisle. He looks as if he's about to double over to throw up until Renesmee finally pulls his attention back. When he looks at her, hope returns in his features.

I try not to be so selfish at first; I must remember that Edward is going through the same pain, and that Renesmee just experienced a pain that's indescribable. "Is she going to be alright, Carlisle?" I ask in a low voice, no longer very dead, but not full of emotion, either.

He nods and glances at each of us in the living room. "It may take some time for the affects to wear off, but she should be back to normal very soon." He offers my niece a small smile, and takes her small hand off her father's arm to squeeze it with reassurance. "Renesmee, my wonderful granddaughter, I know that was very frightening and disorienting, but you're safe now. You're here in your father's arms, and you have all of us. The blurry sight and sound, the heavy breathing... It will all fade within a few hours, my little love. Do you want me to get you anything?"

Carlisle's voice is so gracious and caring, so fatherly and comforting. Renesmee shakes her head gently, nestling deeper into Edward's chest. "Thank you, grandpa." I can see the tendons in her little hand as she squeezes Carlisle's back, but another few tears slip from her eyes. His small smile fades just a bit, becoming sadder.

Edward mouths Carlisle a thank you, and he kisses her cheeks, kissing the tears away. According to her vibe, by now she is fully reassured she'll be okay, although she is most definitely not close to being recovered from the horrifying experience. Nessie's fresh tears shed from sadness, loss, pain, and longing- for her mother.

I suck in a breath and squeeze my eyes shut as suddenly every emotion hits me. Edward feels broken- broken for his daughter, for losing Bella, for my loss, for losing his favorite sister, for the rest of the family. But hope is laced through it; hope to regain our mates. My family feels loss, sadness, sympathy and compassion....

"Alice never meant a word?" I ask without thinking, eyes still shut. I reopen them and see everyone looking at me, except Renesmee, who hides her face with her hair in Edward's chest. I briefly remember her so often hiding in Bella's hair when she grew shy, and a pang of sadness hits me again.

My brother's darkened eyes shine with truth. "None of it. She has loved you ever since she saw you in that first vision, Jasper. She wouldn't ever leave you. She needs you just as much as you need her." He pauses... I can feel him thinking about his own mate. "You are mates. Mates and soul-mates."

I nod, the corner of my mouth twitching ever so slightly to indicate a smile. Alice. My Alice loves me. She always has and always will. She never intended this. It was to protect me; to protect all of us.

"She could never live without you, Jasper," Esme says, rubbing Carlisle's shoulder. "And neither could Bella without Edward, and vice versa. So we had better begin thinking of ways to get them back." I feel my eyebrows raise at Esme's sudden confidence and planning- her leadership. Right then and there she reminded me of a war general taking charge; pride fills the void in me momentarily.

Edward ceases his murmuring to his devastated daughter and looks at Esme with the same pride I feel. Even Jacob, who had taken Carlisle's place beside Nessie not long after he went to stand with Esme, looked surprised. Carlisle lets that small smile appear on his face again, only with more hope than the last. He squeezes his wife's hand and looks to Rosalie and Emmett, then to the rest of us.

"I agree. Let's get to it."
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Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Thu May 23, 2013 10:48 pm

My teeth grind together when I smell the human blood. I would not cave as easily as Aro wanted. However, if I was to be here for the rest of my existence, I would have to drink humans eventually. I shudder under the guard's firm grip.

My mind has already forgotten the pain of Jane's attack, since it was very quick to get the message across.

I'm focused on the future, constantly checking on our family. I see Renesmee being comforted by Edward, I see Jasper's blank stare, I see words being spilled from Carlisle's mouth. I see the broken family gathered close together.

I blink my eyes several times as I am shoved into a room that is beside Bella's. A cloak is thrown into my hands and I grip it tightly as I stand in the room.

There is a single bed and a small cabinet with drawers. There is a tiny window that allows the moonlight to shine through.

I hear Bella's hiss of a whisper through the wall. I clutch at the piece of clothing as I make my way over to the wall where I hear Bella shuffling around on the other side. I place my head close to it.

"Bella," I say as loud as I dare to be without the guards hearing.

"Alice!" She says, sounding relieved.

"I'm so sorry, Bella. So, so sorry. This wasn't meant to happen. Only I was supposed to be here. You weren't ever part of the plan. But..but.." I silently trail off, unable to continue. But I suppose Aro had other plans, I was going to say. She would realize that, though. Bella was smart and quick to realize things.

My mind flits back to Jasper. My Jasper. I already longed for his hands, touch, kiss. I longed for every piece of him. I longed for him to change my mood and know how I feel. I want him to comfort me.

I banish the thoughts, frowning at myself. I can't allow myself to think that. If Jasper was here with me and Aro forced him human blood, all of Jasper's hard work on becoming a vegetarian would vanish. There would be no going back. Jasper would be gone.

My eyes widen and I drop the robe and wrap my arms around myself. That was not going to happen. Ever.

I collapse to the floor and at this moment, I want to so badly cry. I want to let my emotions spill over. I want to be human. I lean against the wall and squeeze my eyes shut.

I hear Bella trying to speak to me again but I can't hear her. I can't hear anything.

My plan was ruined.
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Bella Cullen
Bella Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Sun May 26, 2013 10:07 pm

I'm about to tell Alice to stop apologizing, that none of this was her fault; that it was Aro. The bastard.
But before I can speak, I hear a soft stir of air and then a thud.

"Alice!" I hiss. Nothing. I hear rubbing... up and down. "Alice, speak to me!" I say, slightly louder. Something is bubbling inside of me, the sudden burst of hope I just felt leaving just as quickly as it came. I feel like I need to shout, to run around, to move. Craziness- that's what is bubbling. I'm growing more and more desperate and hopeless the longer Alice doesn't respond.

"Alice!" I finally break and shout, connecting my fist with the ancient stone wall. A small chunk breaks off when, with the impact of that punch, it should have been the whole damn rock.

I hear mutters outside my chamber. Shit. I turn my face back to the wall, as if I'll suddenly have X-ray supervision to see my sister, crumpled on the floor, rubbing her arms to comfort herself. "Alice, listen to me. We have to get through this. We can, okay? We can do this. But we need to be there for each other," my words spill out at a million miles an hour, but I know she'll be able to comprehend them. That is, if she's even listening.

“Alice, we can do this!” I shout, really losing it. I wish Edward were here with me. No, no! I banish the thought. I would never want him here, ever. But I knew what I meant; I just wanted his presence. I wanted to be home. I need my husband.

"Sister, please work with me," I sob, pressing my forehead to the wall. And suddenly, in that moment, the weirdest thought occurs.

"Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air," I mumble. The old song lyrics tumble out of my mouth. Have I really gone this insane already?

"...So you expect me..." I hear Alice reply ever so faintly. My eyebrows raise on their own accord.

"To live alone with just me..." My voice grows a little louder, a little stronger. I was never into pop, but the song won't stop playing in my mind. An abrupt urge to scream the lyrics hits me, and it's difficult to resist, as if doing so will solve everything.

"Cause my world revolves around you..." Alice's voice lifts just a bit.
"'s so..." My voice is at regular volume now.

"Hard for me to breathe," Alice and I sing together in unison.

And at that moment, the guards barge into my room.
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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Wed May 29, 2013 10:00 pm

I move beside my sister and we walk between the guards that are standing outside the Cullens' doors. I move to Isabella and push it open. My red eyes meet her golden ones and I sneer in disgust.

"Time for real blood," I say quietly.

She's standing straight with the cloak clutched in her hands and she takes a moment to throw it on and stare down at the floor.

"Come," I hear my sister say in the next room.

I turn on my heel, my cloak swishing around my ankles, and I glide towards my sister. The pixie vampire is behind her.

"Master Aro is ready for you now that you are appropriate," Jane says, not bothering to look back.

Felix and Demetri flank Isabella and the pixie.

Jane and I begin to move back towards the main Hall. Felix pushes the doors open and inside awaits the Volturi's meal.

I can't help the small smile that crosses my face when I notice the Cullens' looks.
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Jacob Black

Jacob Black

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:17 pm

I stare in awe at Esme's sudden confidence. Esme was weak by absolutely no means, but I didn't expect her to be the one to say, and with much aplomb, 'Hey, let's get them back!' I expected more sorrow, but she sounded.... a bit unfazed. She must simply be getting emotionally stronger.

I look back down at Renesmee for a moment. She hides within Edward, but she grips one of my hands. I look back up and decide now is a good time to lessen the intense atmosphere.

I clear my throat a little bit. "I'll put my silly arguments with Blondie aside and compromise," I say. "As long as she doesn't serve me dog food again."

A few chuckles erupt around the room, and at the very least, I got someone's mouth to twitch, a connote of a smile.

"Do you think Alice is watching us?" I ask quietly, the question directed mainly towards Edward.
"Definitely," he responds in monotone. "Without a doubt."

"I think so, too," I say uselessly, and sigh. This sucks... what an understatement.

I missed Bella a lot. My childhood friend, taken. I missed Shortie and her bubbly personality making everyone happier.

"So how do we even begin a plan?" Emmett asks in a serious tone. "Even I know we can't barge in there and fight. That would be a death sentence."

And that's the big question. What to do...
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Renesmee Cullen
Renesmee Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:10 pm

Slowly, I felt my mind clear but it wasn't a welcoming change. I could still feel the pain lingering in my body but now, all I could think of was the fact that my momma had been taken away. Both her and Aunty Alice. The Volturi had swarmed in and taken them both away and there had been nothing my family could do about it. A shiver racked my body as I thought about the sheer power that Aro had under his control. If that was how strong he was before, he would be completely unstoppable with Aunty Alice and Momma.

Pulling my hand out of Jake's and leaning away from Papa, I pulled my knees up tight to my chest and pressed my hands to my face unable to stop my sobs once more.

What had the Volturi done? What had Aro done? How could they be so cruel?

I couldn't stop myself as the sobs continued to rack my body, jolting my shoulders up and down as I curled tighter into a ball.

I wish I could be stronger for my family. I knew that Papa and Uncle Jasper were just as torn but they were at least keeping themselves logical. But the thing was that we didn't know when Momma and Alice would get back. We didn't know even if they would come back.

The Volturi had torn up my body, my mind, and my family. And I wasn't sure if I would be okay ever again.
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Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:04 am

I hear my daughter's sad thoughts wash into my mind and I flinch. She leans away from me so I move my arm to the back of the couch. My eyes meet Jacob's momentarily before I look around at the rest of my family.

My mind flits around to the other thoughts and all of them seem to be thinking of different ways that would bring Alice and Bella back.

I wonder if Alice has already seen a way out. If she has already seen something that would help us. I'm already missing her thoughts accompanying mine. I miss our way of communication silently without the others knowing at all.

I closed my eyes for a moment and I slowly let the breath out of my body. I clenched my hand into a fist and opened my eyes.

An idea came to me and I told it to my family in a dead, lifeless voice, "What if I give myself up to the Volturi? Ask them to release Bella and Alice. At least my daughter would have her mother and my brother would be happy." At this point, I wanted to do anything in my ability to get Bella back. I would give myself up for both of them.

"Aro would never go for it," Rosalie hissed at me before any of the others could protest, "He wanted Alice since forever. He wouldn't give her up that easily."

"Exactly, Edward, plus I won't let you leave. Bella and Alice are one loss but I couldn't bear the idea of losing another one of my family members. Aro might take you and not release the other two," Esme said, her hand tightening on Carlisle's.

At this point, I wanted to tell her, I wouldn't mind living in Volterra if it meant I could be with Bella. I didn't dare say that, however. I had my daughter to think about. I wouldn't have both her parents gone from her within a day. She needed me.

"Then I don't know," I snarled, suddenly frustrated, "I don't know what we are going to do. The minute we all show up on Aro's front step he will take action and either eliminate us or kill Alice and Bella on the spot. It wouldn't be worth it." I stopped when I caught a piece of someone's thought.

I stared at Emmett, "What if we gather enough forces to fight against the Volturi? We could go to Volterra and fight them if we had enough help. They helped us before -- wouldn't they help us again?"

I moved my gaze to Carlisle and then looked around to the others, "What do you think?"

My gaze landed on Jasper last, since he had the most experience in battles and war.

War. That's what it would be. An all-out battle between the good and the evil. A war to get my beloved back.

If that's what it would take, I would do it. I would fight.
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Bella Cullen
Bella Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Mon Jun 03, 2013 2:37 pm

As the rush of air hits me when the doors open, all I smell is blood. Pure, lush, mouthwatering human blood... Pulsing veins and pumping hearts. Thump thump, thump thump.
A new atmosphere of heat dominates the room.

Many hearts are beating fast. Fear. I can feel the Volturi watching Alice and I, Alec smirking in my peripheral vision. Alice. I whip my head to my right and see the same reaction from her that I am feeling. She shuts her eyes tightly.

Oh my god, it smells so good. My head slowly turns back to the humans, a growl already forming in my throat. But it stops abruptly as I take in the family. A man and woman, probably married. I spot their wedding bands- yes, married. A pang of hurt sounds inside my chest....Edward.

I swallow the fire in my throat, the scent still calling me, but then my eyes descend to the three children. The youngest must be seven years old, a girl. Renesmee, I think. Another sharp pain in my marble chest. I continue my trek. A middle child, also a girl, and then the oldest must be fifteen or sixteen, male.

My jaw is clenched by now, as tight as I feel I can go. Don't do this. Mind over matter, Bella. A shove from behind forces me closer to the terrified family. I only go forward a few steps before planting my feet again. A second later Alice is pushed next to me.

"Enjoy, my new members," Aro says in that menacingly gentle voice. "The rest of us shall enjoy our dinner a bit later in the evening."

"I'd rather starve," I spit out between my teeth, my voice very shaky and harsh, full of this new restraint. The only real form of restraint I've ever felt was trying not to tackle Edward back into bed when we had to leave the cottage.

"Oh, Isabella, you wouldn't want to do such a thing. You would grow weak; and I need you very strong." He retorts.

Think of Edward and Renesmee. Edward's skill. He perfected himself. He could stand being around me, and I had the most tempting blood to him. Carlisle- he starved himself for months, not daring to become a monster. Jasper; who could so easily return to human blood, remains a vegetarian for Alice, and for the family. He wanted to be a better person, and he did. A trillion thoughts run through my mind as I am pushed further towards the humans, my boots shoving so hard against the ancient pavement to stop myself, that it starts to crack.

"Cooperate, Cullens!" Felix grunts, and I snap out of my own head to look back to my sister, who is being dragged rather than pushed, and by Demetri. "Jasper," she grumbles under her breath. I knew she was probably trying to use her motives, like I was. And Jasper was definitely it, because he is her faithful husband as well as one of the most admirable examples to think of in such a situation.

"No, no, no!" I scream. But through my frustrated cries, my now (probably) black eyes find the family again. And we're closer. Much closer. And I see their veins pulsing with even more clarity than I did from the entrance. And faster. Their heat radiates off them and hits me in gradual, torturous, teasing waves. The flames lick up and down my throat.

I accidentally look into the green eyes of the smallest girl, and my mind splits into two and fights. One side says drink. The other says don't. The other says that girl resembles Nessie. And the green Edward's as a human. It's obviously a sign, a warning. I couldn't possibly...

Oh, but thirst is such a strong thing.

I drop the girl's gaze and return to all of the veins and blood vessels. I feel my mouth open a bit. My lips follow suit and pull over my teeth, the animal part of me taking over.

"Bella," a concerned voice speaks up. "Hang in there, Bella!" The voice belongs to Alice. "Do it for Edward. I know you can. You have more control than all of us." I stare down the rushing blood in their necks. "You ran away from humans on your first hunt, Bella! You can do it again!" She sounds desperate now...Weak herself. Defeated, as if she knows she can no longer reason with me. Visions. "Please..."

But that didn't matter right now. I am the youngest vampire in our coven, the newest one changed. Alice has more control than I; she has more experience. She is stronger. It's as if the newborn that didn't exist at the time it was supposed to, my first year, is finally coming out.

All my control vanishes, as do all thoughts or rationality, as I rip from Felix's grasp and grab the first human my hands can find, growls tearing from my throat, and sink my razor sharp teeth into their soft, delicious neck.
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Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:28 pm

I grind my teeth together and stop my breath. My eyes see the future unfold before me. I see the flash of red eyes -- both mine and Bella's. I know that we will have to drink the humans that are before us. I will resist as long as possible.

Jasper. My Jasper. He's the one that suffered for me. He is strong, though, so I know that I can hold off. I've had years of experience dealing with human blood. So far, none of these humans are bleeding. I hold my breath regardless and keep my chin up high. I turn my head towards Bella and hiss in her direction, letting barely any air into my lungs. I will NOT give in so easily.

"Let us feed off of animals, please!" I try and plead with Aro.

He ignores me, his eyes trained on Bella, a small smile caressing his face.

Then the one future I've seen comes true. Bella growls loudly and drinks from a human girl.

I gasp and I let more air in than intended. I smell the human blood that pours from the girl's neck. I let out a snarl and sink to my knees, resisting as much as I can. Demetri yanks me back up and I can't drag my eyes away from Bella. Her eyes meet mine and I already see hints of red tainting her golden orbs.

No. Bella. Not you.

Demetri hisses in my ear, "Better get moving, Cullen. You're next and Master Aro won't wait all day."

I tear my eyes away from my beloved sister and stare at the ground. I don't want to do this. I never wanted this for Bella. Ever.

I suppose that I will be stuck here forever. I won't ever be able to see my Jasper again. My family is done. The fun times that I've had with the Cullens are behind me. They are in the past. I just have to look to the future.

I allow my breath to enter and the smell hits me again. The vampire inside me claws at my chest, wanting to get at the blood. My features harden and I begin to snip the human feelings that I possess. I snip them one by one -- the love for Jasper, the love for the rest of my family.

The Volturi is my new home and family. I need to learn my place among them. I did this in order to keep the rest of my family safe. I shrug out of Demetri's grip and I walk forward, the cloak swishing around my bare ankles. I know my place and now I just need to accept it.

I roughly grab a human woman by the shoulder and my teeth pierce her neck and I practically inhale the blood. It tastes...amazing. I already start to feel stronger and more powerful.

Yes, I am now a guard. I have to accept that this is my future now.
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Master Aro

Master Aro

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:47 pm

I watched patiently, my fingers steepled together and pressed to my grinning lips, as my newest additions consumed the fresh blood with savage hunger.

Ah, now that is much more natural. To think that they had been actually following Carlisle's disgusting ways and starving their basic instincts. Carlisle had always been more... eccentric in his ways. As if he was ashamed of what they are and what they were meant to be.

"Powerful," I sung out, clapping my hands together as the two women finished. They're eyes already swirling with red, bleeding into the gold that they had once been. "Now, that must feel so much better, my dear, sweet, "Alice."

"And Isabella, you surprised me. I thought you would much more reluctant. After showing such control and promise when you were first changed," I crooned out, "But alas, this suits you much more. Basic nature sings from both of you."

I waved my hand at Felix, knowing that he would make quick work of the bodies. I detested keeping them in the room for very long. Humans stunk with mortality and the longer they lingered after the delicious pulse had been removed, the more their putrid stench clung to everything.

Smacking my lips together, I grinned as the embarrassment and shame flooded back into their features, "Ah, there is nothing to be ashamed of, my dears. Soon you're body will feel once more controlled and you'll never wish to go back to other means of blood ever again."

"Now, watching such a thing has made me thirsty," smiling at the look on Isabella and Alice's faces, "Heidi, do come in."

As soon I had finished speaking, the huntress waltz into the room on graceful steps, a group of stumbling tourists bumbling in behind, looking confused, excited, and fearful all at once.

"Oh, do stay, my dears," seeing the Cullen's expessions of wanting to leave immediately, "You must still be hungry."

Drawling my words out slow, "Dinner is served."
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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:16 pm

I stand near Afton, my arms folded over my chest, hip out to one side. My red eyes focus on the two Cullens as they feed and my mind slips into Alice's. My eyes widen slightly when I realize that she is working on cutting her own bonds from her family and mate. My lips twitch at the corner. Perfect. I'll help her along and sever those bonds permanently.

I find the bond connecting her to her family and, more importantly right now, Isabella. She's turned away from it so I mentally take the bond and begin to twist and pull with my mind. I see her stop drinking, her head rises. I focus again on the bond and begin to pull harder. This bond is tough but it's been weakened by her. I rip and yank on it until it's done. I hear a cry. I blink and see Alice clutching her head, her eyes searching the ground in front of her. She suddenly realizes and looks to me and I let a sneer cross my face. She knows what is coming next.

"No," her mouth forms the word but it never comes as I take the bond connecting her to her mate. She's tried to throw it away but it can't be done permanently unless she has some help -- which I am graciously giving her.

This bond is stronger. I begin to cut away at the bond -- tearing the life she's had with Jasper to bits. I claw, twist, pull at it. I notice that I'm grinding my teeth together in an effort to cut it away. It needs to be gone if she's ever going to be completely loyal to Master Aro.

I hear another cry but I ignore it.

There is only a single thread left to tear when I hear Master Aro's voice. I leave Alice's head and look to Master Aro. He is summoning Heidi in. With our meal. Excellent, I could use some fresh human blood after almost severing two bonds -- both of which were strong.

I think about the single thread I've left in Alice's head about her mate. I make a face at the vampire kneeling on the ground clutching her head.

It's so small, though, that there won't be any trouble. She will forget all about Jasper and her life with the Cullens.

More importantly, she will forget that Isabella is her sister. Perfect.
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Jasper Hale

Jasper Hale

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:07 pm

War? Again? Not that it realistically occurred six years ago, but Alice's vision was long and tragic. Alice. A small feeling like the wind got knocked out of me feels in my stomach, and I bend over slightly. I need her more than ever right now. And something doesn't feel right. I, but I can't put my finger on what it is.

Edward meets my eyes, probably reading my thoughts. "You don't think it's a good idea?" He asks, his voice reminding me of dead tree. I shake my head and straighten up again, hands behind my back. "I think any idea is a good idea right now. But it mustn't be war right away; we could try to reason with them, first."

"Well, of course," Carlisle joins in. "Aww, too bad," Emmett interjects. "I was hoping we could grab some old buddies that helped us out last time and barge through."

"It's not that simple, love," Rosalie says, rolling her eyes, but squeezes his bicep in understanding.

"But as I was considering before, we could contact them. Correct, Carlisle?" Edward returns his gaze to our father figure. He sighs and glances down before looking back up at us. "It would be much to ask, I believe, but we could give it a try. I'll start with calling Siobhan."

"I'll contact Benjamin," Edward says. "He'll be the most willing to help, I think."

"I will ask Peter and Charlotte," I speak back up. "I'll ask the Denalis." Esme offers a small smile and rubs Carlisle's shoulder. He kisses her forehead in return before going to grab the phone.


"No one at all?" Carlisle asks in disbelief. We all contacted someone, everyone we had before, asking- begging- for their help again.

"No one. All they give are their deepest apologies." Edward responds, now absently gazing at his daughter as he runs his fingers lightly through her messy curls. His mood slips off of him in gradual waves. Sadness, and much longing. I briefly wonder if he is admiring Bella's features in Nessie.

The smallest, saddest upturn of his mouth occurs, and he nods once, answering my secret question. Sympathy leaks from my heart for my brother and niece. Then I think of how Edward and I just communicated- me by feeling his mood, him by reading my mind. It was hidden communication, something him and Alice often did. I felt like I was Alice now, taking her place for the moment. I sigh audibly, not caring this time.

"Jasper, is it something else...?" Esme looks at me warmly, like she wants to give me a hug. And honestly, I could use a motherly hug right now. I shake my head and try to muster a smile for her.

"So what the hell do we do now? Go in ourselves?" Jacob asks, obviously upset and frustrated. I can feel it vibrating off of him, and in such vibrations because he is trembling oh so slightly with anger.

"Jasper and I will go," Edward suggests. "They are our mates, after all."

"Absolutely not, Edward!" Esme protests. "Esme is right, Edward," Carlisle says softly, setting his hands on his wife's shoulders. "No one else is risking their lives. I will not lose another member of this family. We will find another way."

How in the world am I going to get Alice? She is Aro's gem. What if he...never....No, no. That can't be. I have to get her back. I have to-

My thoughts are interrupted by my brother. "Do you want to take a walk, Jasper?" Edward suggests, his fingers lingering on his daughter's blushed cheek, who is now asleep, head resting in Rosalie's lap with Jake at the floor.

I nod. Fresh air would do us some good, I believe. "We will be back by sunrise, Carlisle," he reassures as he stands. He bends down once more to give Renesmee a kiss on the forehead, and then vamps past me, out the front door.

I follow suit, going to mourn with my brother. But his feelings are different, new, I realize as I descend the steps. He feels creative. My eyebrows pull together. Creative?...... Then it hits me, just as my shoes hit the soft grass of the near forest.

He has a plan.
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Esme Cullen

Esme Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:15 pm

It was hard to decipher anyone's thoughts, everyone in the room looked blank and broken entirely. My two sons, the ones who have now been left mate-less, wandered out with a promise they'd be back by sunrise, I just hope they don't conjure up an idea that is entirely suicidal for them and our two lost members. I take a seat on our couch and look around at everyone, the remaining members of the Cullens.

Rose, Emmett and Jacob watch Renesmee as she sleeps, her head places on Rosalie's lap and her hand intertwined with Jacob, Emmett just watches, sitting at Rosalie's feet. My gaze switches from them to my love, Carlisle, who is lingering in the living room doorway, looking at everyone with a sense of false hope. I know everyone is trying their best to stay positive, but they're feeling defeated as am I.

Using my speed, I wrap my arms around Carlisle, looking for comfort but also trying to offer him his own, I can see he's distressed. Why won't our friends help us? The question repeats over and over in my mind, making me feel defeated, broken and stressed. Maybe they thought there was no hope; maybe they're right. I can't afford to think like that, not when everyone else is trying to stay positive.

My mind wanders back to Jasper and Edward, wondering what they're doing and worrying as I always do about them. I know what they're doing, discussing ideas to get their mates home, and safe. I can't imagine the distress they're going through. I feel a sense of anger rise within me, how could the Volturi rob people of a mother, of love? How can our friends stand by and watch us vulnerable?

We will get Bella and Alice back, we have to. We can't let them weaken under the Volturi, we have to let them know we're always there, and we will return them home, where they belong.
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Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:07 pm

The last kiss I gave my daughter lingers in my mind but I dismiss it. Jasper and I have business to attend to -- we are getting our wives back.

Perhaps it's a stupid plan. Perhaps it's a plan that will get us both killed. I can't think about that right now, though, because my thoughts are all focused on Bella. My Bella. I need her. Or, rather, I need to see her one last time and tell her with my own lips that I love her.

Jasper knows I'm up to something. He follows me down the steps and walks beside me. I glance at him, nod, then we vamp away from our home.

My home. I don't know if that is something I will be coming back to again. Ever.

I wait until I can no longer hear my family's thoughts then I stop, clasping Jasper on the shoulder to keep him from running past me.

His brow creases, "Edward, what's going on?"

I listen again but all I hear is Jasper's thoughts coming to different conclusions. No wolves, no vampires. Excellent. "We are going to get our mates back, Jasper. You and I. Alone. Right now."

I bring out my cellphone, preparing to call our private flight and tell them to prepare for us.

Jasper's hand shoots out, stopping me from raising the phone. I look at him.

"Edward," He says calmly, "do you know what we are going to do when we get to the Volturi castle?"

My mouth twitches at the corner -- neither a smile nor a frown. Perhaps I've gone insane.

"I have absolutely no clue, Jasper, but I'm sure we'll figure out something," I say, yanking my hand out from under his and speed dialing the pilot. We are leaving right away and there is nothing that will stop me.

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Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:22 pm

I feel it really being shattered -- my bond with my family. No. No no no no no. This cannot be happening. Chelsea is not doing this. My eyes search the ground, my mouth gaping. I gasp loudly and wince, trying to keep myself standing tall. I try to battle against her with my mind. I want to tell Bella to block her out and stop this. Bella! Bella, stop this! Please! Bella! My inner cries aren't heard, though. Bella continues to glare at Aro but I can feel her glance at me every so often. I cry out when it's broken.

When what's broken? I feel a weird emptiness but I'm not sure what it is. I have no idea why I feel so strange. I realize I'm on the ground, clutching my short, black hair. Why was I doing that? My eyes search the concrete floor, looking at the cracks that run through it.

My eyes swivel to meet Chelsea's when I feel her take hold of my bond with Jasper -- the one I tried to disconnect myself from. My mate. NO. I never wanted this bond to be permanently gone, though. NO! My mouth forms the word but I never get a chance to say it when the sawing and pounding begins in my head. My eyes flutter at the immense pain I feel -- and I faintly remember that I have felt something like this before. I cry out again and I think I have a vision of two male vampires but it's muddled in with the pain.

Then, it's gone. The pain disappears in a moment when I hear a child-like voice and a clapping of hands. I hear a female's voice, too.

"Alice, my sweet, please rise to your feet. There is no reason to kneel," the voice tells me -- Aro's voice. Right, I'm in the Volturi castle. Why am I here?

I slowly stand and I look up to see Aro grinning down at me.

"Alice," a hiss beside me and I whirl my head to see a dark-haired female with golden-red eyes staring at me.

My eyelids flutter and my brow creases. I look around the room and I recognize the rest of the Volturi members. I hear humans' hearts in the room, too, and Aro speaks to someone named Heidi.

The one name I don't know is the female standing beside me. I shake my head slowly and ask her, "How do you know my name?"

I see her mouth gape and she runs her hands through her hair. Her eyes try to search mine, "Alice, it's me, Bella. Your sister. What's wrong with you?"

Sister. I have a sister? No. I don't have any siblings. I was in an insane asylum before I was turned into a vampire. I met someone, though -- a male vampire. His name...

I shake my head to clear it, trying to remember this Bella vampire before me. Is she a new member of the guard? Probably.

I frown, folding my arms defensively, "I don't have any siblings. Stop trying to trick me. I don't know you at all."
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Esme Cullen

Esme Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Sat Jun 08, 2013 4:03 pm

I glance worriedly towards the door, the one where Jasper and Edward had exited through swiftly with a promise of a return. It had been at least two hours since they left and I could sense the worry between everyone, how could they just leave? I know what's happening, I think even Renesmee does. They've gone for their mates, without any support.

How could they? Especially Edward, Renesmee needs at least one parent to support her whilst her mother is gone. I clutch Carlisle's forearm and look up at him, worry evident on my features, just like his. He looks down at me, stroking my back comfortingly but this time, it doesn't work. We can't lose four members of our family, the ones we love dearly.

"Carlisle, they are not back yet." I say impatiently as everyone turns to listen to our small conversation, the conversation that won't amount to anything. I sigh and tap my fingernails against the fabric of the sofa.

Where have they gone, what have they done? Are they safe? The questions run loose in my mind repeatedly, and instead of it being two people who I need to worry about, it's turned into four. I go over and sit by Renesmee, taking Rosalie's place and try to comfort her as best as I can but neither me or Rosalie can replace Bella or Edward, she needs them.
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Rosalie Hale

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:43 am

I stood up and stared in the direction where Edward and Jasper had left in with my arms crossed firmly over my chest as a deep scowl begins to cross my lips.

'Now I have to deal with these damn thoughts that continue to race through my head,' I think silently to myself but keep my thoughts in my own head instead of letting them wander.

Some way we will get them all back, safe and sound where everybody belongs. I begin to pace the floor of the living room while allowing my head to lower when my scowl turns softer when I think of Renesmee.

Looking over at her with her head now rested in Esme's lap; a frown begins to cross over my lips as I continue to pace the floor. 'This girl needs her mother and father...we can do alright but nothing can even come close to having your real parents in your life.' I think to myself and stop by the window.

Seeing the sky begin to darken as the day slowly turns into night, I can't help but feel a sudden pain jolt through my body...well, not really an actual pain but a dense feeling drops into my stomach.

'Please....stay strong, you'll be home soon,' I think silently as if Bella and Alice were able to hear my thought that's directed at them as I turn my attention back to Renesmee who continues to glance at the front door, waiting...

Sitting back down beside Esme with Renesmee when just my thoughts have left me emotionally drained, my gaze follows Renesmees' to the door as I brush my fingertips through Renesmee's soft hair slowly as a way to comfort her without promising anything that I'm not sure would even happen.

'Will they return home safely? Is my niece going to have the full family she needs and has loved for so long?' I can't stop these thoughts from going through my head as I bite down on my bottom lip to keep myself from asking anybody before I offer Renesmee a weak smile when she looks up at me with her big and now painfully sad chocolate brown eyes.

'Please.....she needs you all...' my thoughts then trail off as I'm lost in my own head filled with worry.

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Bella Cullen
Bella Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:23 pm

I feel my teeth clench together hard, and tears already stinging my new reddish eyes. Alice's words hit me hard, harder than the pain I just felt of killing that innocent family.

My confused, worried thoughts buzz around for two whole seconds before replying. I had slightly noticed Alice's discomfort, but was too distracted by what I had just done. I killed people for the first time. I was staring down Aro, hatred burning in my disgusting new irises. Then I was staring at Alice like a gaping fish.

Now I'm staring at her, praying she's playing some joke on me to lighten the impossibly heavy mood.

"What?" I ask sharply through my clenched teeth. "You've known me for years! Alice... Alice, I'm your sister-in-law! I'm your sister!"
But there is no spark of recognition in her maroon, gold-tinted eyes. Her arms remain crossed, eyebrows furrowed and angered. "I am married to Edward! Your brother!"

"I already told you, Bella, I have no siblings." She spits back. I feel my head begin shaking slowly. No, no, no no no no... This isn't happening, this is not happening... What's wrong with her! Has she gone completely insane?
"What have you done to her?" I whip my head around to stare down Aro again. He says nothing, simply stands watching with a sick grin. Behind him, a woman walks by, heels clicking. She meets my eyes and a wicked smile appears on her face.

I recognize her from the battle. Chelsea. I remember blocking her attempts with my shield. I recall Eleazar telling us about her and what she could do. What she could do.

My clenched jaw falls open again in shock, realization hitting me. She broke us. She broke Alice and I. Chelsea tore up her bonds. I watch, frozen, as she turns a corner, her eyes on me the entire time with that mocking smile.

I slowly turn back to Alice. My heart breaks. This amazing woman doesn't know who I am anymore. And there isn't anything I can do about it. But a bigger issue sparks inside me. If she doesn't know me, nor Edward...

"Jasper!" I yell out, as if the words won't reach her if I had spoken any quieter. "You remember Jasper, don't you? You must. Your husband, your soulmate, your one true love, Alice!"
Something flashes in her eyes. Some sort of recognition, familiarity, something. I swallow as my head falls back in relief. She hasn't forgotten everything.

And just as my neck reaches its end of falling, stone hands are on me. My head snaps back up. Jane, Alec, and Felix surround me, beginning to take me in the direction of the new room.

I dig my heals into the ancient floor again. "Alice!" I scream out. "Think, Alice! You know me!" I don't care how many Volturi guard try to hold me; I don't give up. I twist and turn from their grasp, finally turning completely around so I'm facing my lost sister again. Growls rip from all of our throats from the struggle, air whipping from our overly quick movements.

Arms get under mine, and I am being dragged backward. "ALICE!" I scream. "We are in this TOGETHER!" You can't leave me, Alice, not now! I yell inside my mind.
Her petite figure grows farther from my sight. I struggle and push through it all against Jane and Alec, making no difference.

"Until tomorrow, my dear Isabella!" Aro concludes, waving a hand as if everything in the world is fine, taking a few steps closer to Alice. "It is dinner time for the rest of us now."

"ALICE!" I scream at the very top of my lungs, as loud as I could ever possibly go. My head explodes. I keep screaming after my air supply has drained.

And then the doors are closing, separating me from her. My eyes pop open once more just in time to catch her tilting her head slightly. The doors shut completely with a loud thud.

My body slumps as I cut my screams off abruptly. I stare at the floor, allowing my boots to drag. The three guards vamp to my room, and throw me in. I land with a grunt despite lack of physical pain. "You sure are stubborn," Felix comments. "Dinner time, sister," Alec states, and walks away with Felix.

Jane offers a smirk. "Sorry about your friend out there," she says, voice pleasant and cold. "She always has been crazy, hasn't she? She belongs back in that asylum, it sounds like." Anger like no other bubbles inside me in that moment, and, a growl ripping through me, I launch at the door.

Jane shuts it just in time, that stupid satisfied grin still plastered on her face. I ram into the stone with another grunt. My fist comes up and pounds into it. Barley a dent.

I slide down the door in defeat. I crawl to the part of the wall where I first tried communicating with Alice, and lean against it, suddenly feeling like I need the physical support.

Alice, precious little Alice, who was one of the first to accept me into the family. Who saw me coming before Edward even realized it. Who accepted me, protected me, helped and supported me. Who is always dressing me in fancy outfits. Who planned my wedding. Alice, always loving, caring, bubbly, happy, smiling, laughing, light and bright and full of humor. Doesn't know me, or Edward, or Renesmee, or Emmett or Rosalie or Esme or Carlisle or Jacob. And just barley, Jasper.

I slam my head into the wall. I do it again. And again. My sister has been taken from me. From almost all of us, the whole family. Why didn't I use my shield on her? Why didn't I realize what was happening to her? I was supposed to protect her here, as she was me, and I couldn't do that.

Oh, how I wish Edward were here. He would know what to do. Along with the sadness already present, longing pangs in my entire chest, my heart, my mind. I miss him more than ever.

I hit my head again, and a sob releases from me. I screwed up; I'm not strong; I am a failure.

"Edward," I whimper, "I need you."
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Jasper Hale

Jasper Hale

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:39 pm

Edward turns to speak to our private pilot, phone already to his ear. I understand where he's coming from, of course. But his plan isn't thought out, which worries me deeply.

"Don't worry so much," Edward spits out, turning his head just slightly to me. "We need to get them back."

I swallow. By his mood, he's dead set on this. No one can stop him. I take a few steps back, allowing him to talk as I think. I don't want to risk getting my love hurt, or... I can't even think it. Killed.

I cringe at the thought, immediately banishing it. That won't happen, no. Edward and I will be careful. We have no other choice; we need to get Alice and Bella back.

The more I think about it, about Alice especially, the more I agree with my brother's plan, and itch to get on a plane and get there despite our lacking a plan. Maybe I was going crazy; I could feel my rationality fading as my need for my wife increased rapidly.

A dark, low chuckle interrupts my thoughts. "So you think you're going insane, too, huh?" He turns, inserting his cell phone back into his black pant pocket.

I nod. "Most definitely. Because I'm in." I walk back to him slowly. "We can create a plan on the plane."

He nods too, looking at the ground. We're silent for a moment. Alice's beautiful face clouds my mind, and I frown. Is she okay? I wish I were there with her, by her side supporting her. More so, I wish she were here, safe in my arms. I miss her head resting on my chest, her small arms wrapped around me... I shift then, that off-feeling returning. Hmph. My frown twists into I don't know what. I shake a bit, trying to literally shake it off of me.

Edward's eyes lift to me again. The once bright gold looks dead. "I need her, Jasper," he says. "We need to do this. I..." He shakes his head, a breathy laugh coming out of him. "I can't live in a world where she... doesn't exist."

The words ring a bell. I heard them before when he'd talk and brag about Bella to the family. He told me that he used those words with her once.... Ironically, after she saved him from Volterra.

"But she does exist," I say, obviously not helping.
"Doesn't feel like it." Edward replies unemotionally.

"I'm sorry. That was quite a stupid response." To my surprise, I get a legit snicker from him. "It really was." He pauses. "I miss Alice. I miss communicating with her secretly."

I laugh a little bit under my breath. "You know, I can tell when you two are doing that. Might not know what you're saying, but I know when."

"How?" My brother chuckles. "Years of practice, observing, and feeling, brother," I respond with a small smile. "Of all people, you should know."

He shakes his head, chuckle fading. "I'm always too focused trying to get inside Bella's mind."
"Still?" I try to joke. "Thought you gave up on that a long time ago." Edward punches me with no strength- a light gesture.

"They'll have the plane on our usual site in fifteen minutes," Edward says. "Ten now."

I lean against a tree, nodding. After another silent moment, I speak up. "Edward.... what's the worst part of it?" I ask in a very low voice.

My brother, leaning on a tree diagonal and across from me, looks up. His eyebrows pull together. "The worst part.... Everything."

Couldn't have said it better myself, I think. Edward's features soften a bit at my comment, then he returns to thinking.

"I feel so selfish... Craving her presence so much, when I know what she must be going through right now," he gets out hesitantly, almost painfully.

I knew exactly what he meant. "Despite the family feeling broken, despite it all... She's all I can think about. I feel so guilty, and yet, there is no other pain like this; no other way to feel when a mate is taken from you."

Edward looks up at me and nods once. "Especially when you thought she didn't love you prior to her being taken. That is even worse, I can imagine."

I press my lips together, his words bringing that feeling to me again. Off.

"Five minutes," my brother reports. "We'd better get going." I try to ignore this odd emotion of mine and push off the tree, about to take off with Edward when he puts a hand on my shoulder, stopping me.

"What is it?" I ask, concerned. By his facial expression, he looks like he's reading minds. I look around us quickly, and see nothing at first.

Then, the way Edward and I came, I see a family running towards us.
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Jacob Black

Jacob Black

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:43 pm

I pace the Cullens' living room, but it's not really pacing; I simply walk back and forth slowly. I watch tiny stars sparkle in the darkness through the huge, long windows of the spacious house. Every other glance, I look to Renesmee, who rests her head in Blondie's lap.

Blondie looks concerned and deep in thought, her fingers running through Nessie's curls absentmindedly. Well, everyone did, but she had something different in her eyes. Emmett watched between her and Ness, rubbing Rose's shoulder.

Carlisle's hands were set atop Esme's shoulders. He, too, looked thoughtful, but Esme looked more worried. Her fingers drummed impatiently on the arm of the couch. Vampires rarely ever did that out of nerves. Was it because she was used to performing human fidgets and stuff? I thought.

I turn around, walk the way I just came in my short walking distance. I observe everyone more closely. Why do Blondie and Esme seem the most tense? Ed and Jasper said they'd return by sunrise. So what was the big deal? Did they not trust them?

I think it through. Is it rational? I mean, at a time like this, it's got to be. Of course it is.

I think harder. I think back to when Edward suggested they take a walk. Seemed like a good idea to me. He got up to go... Then turned back to place a kiss on Nessie's forehead.... A long one, too. As if....

Another person interrupts my thoughts. We're rounding the entire perimeter one more time before crashing for a few hours, Seth's serious thoughts say. The majority of us will stick near the Cullen's place, especially for Renesmee. I look out the window and see a dark wolf figure, but Seth's brightly colored fur practically glows in the dark. I nod at him and watch as he sprints back to work, and I feel proud of the kid as I do.

"Seth and the boys are doing another perimeter check around the place," I announce quietly. Everyone looks at me to acknowledge my speaking, but Esme locks eyes with me.

"Something isn't sitting right with me." Esme's voice is worried yet hard as steel as she shakes her head. Which brings me back to my original thoughts. Edward's kiss to Nessie was a long one, as if he were saying goodbye or something. I've known the guy long now, and I've learned to know him; and I know that it would have been a shorter kiss if he had really meant he was going to be back by sunrise.

"I agree. We need to go see what they're up to," I say, my head turning to the view of forest outside on instinct.

"I hate to say this, but I agree with the dog," Blondie pipes up. "And Esme. It's Jasper and Edward, the two who just had their mates taken away from them; what if they're planning something stupid?"

I look to Bl-....Rosalie, and nod in agreement. Exactly. Then I notice something in Carlisle's expression change. "I think you may be right. They probably aren't thinking rationally," he says in a low voice.

"So let's go get 'em!" I say, clapping my hands together, not wanting to waste another minute of time. Emmett seemed to be on the same page, vamping up before my hands even joined to sound the clap.

Renesmee's eyes flutter open, and she slowly sits up with Rose's help. Her big, sad brown eyes meet mine. "I'm coming, right?"

A very small smile twitches at the corner of my mouth. Despite what she just went through some hours earlier, she is determined to go. Even if that means not coming back to the house tonight.

I look around at everyone, trying to gain permission through eye contact. Esme speaks up first.
"I don't believe it's the best idea; you two should stay here." Esme's eyes widen at me; I can tell she's trying to tell me something, and I know what: that we may not be returning. That she cannot go to Volterra if it comes to it.

But before any one of us can respond again, verbally or with eyeballs, brave Nessie outsmarts us all.

"Grandma, I know what's happening," she says, looking to Esme. "I have to go. Please." She puts a small hand to her head; I'm sure she must still have a headache of some sort. "I don't want to leave all of you. I am in this family, and I'm coming along."

A small smile formed on Carlisle's face. "She's strong." He squeezes his wife's shoulders. "And I'm going wherever she goes," I say, looking at Renesmee. She musters the tiniest of grins for me.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

There was no arguing with Rensmee. We all agreed she was strong enough; we know she is. And she has all of us to protect her- if it comes to a situation where we need to.

I scribbled a quick note for the pack as the Cullens' packed small bags, all of us finishing in two, three minutes tops. I was sure someone would notice our faint scent and lack of movement and speaking and eventually stroll into the home to see what was up. Plus, with this huge, open house, it will be obvious to see that no one is here.

My black running shoes dig into the soil as I trail not far behind the Cullens' with Renesmee in my arms. We picked up Edward and Jasper's trail easily, and their sickly sweet scent burns in my nostrils. Eventually, the family begins to slow a bit, and I know they've spotted the boys.

I hear someone speak up faintly, and I finally slow to a halt behind the Cullens as Renesmee's nestled head lifts slowly.
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Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:54 am

Letting a growl rip from my throat, I turn towards the sound of the thoughts bombarding me with thoughts of betrayal, Volturi, and fighting. 

"A complication," I tell Jasper and then I watch as our family approaches. I see Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmett, Jacob, and--NO! 

I vamp forward, pull Renesmee out of his arms, then take him around the throat. Snarls tear from my mouth, "How dare you bring her! She needs to stay home, mutt." 

His hands grip mine, trying to pull my hand away from his throat. My hand twitches, not moving an inch. I could break his neck right now. I could kill the pathetic mutt for thinking he could bring my daughter here. I already know my family is determined to come with us but I will not have my daughter coming, too. No. Way. 

I feel a hand on my shoulder, "Edward, please, we already discussed this. Renesmee is strong." 

I feel another small hand on my neck and suddenly I'm flooded with the memories of Renesmee and the discussion she had with my family just minutes ago. 

"We already made the decision, Edward, please let Jacob go, you're hurting him," Esme's worried voice comes from behind me. 

I blink out of my daughter's gift as she removes her hand, "Daddy, please. Let Jake go. I'm coming because I know what is happening. I'm not getting left behind." 

I force my fingers to release the mutt's throat, shoving him back a few steps. I tighten my hold on my daughter, suddenly really scared. I turn to look into her brown eyes that remind me so much of her mother. My soul hardens at the thought. 

"Renesmee, I am your father, however, and what I say goes. What would your mother think if--" I cut myself off, looking down at the grass, my eyes tracing a single blade. 

"Daddy please, I need to come. I can't be left behind. You all will protect me, I know it," she pleads with me again. This is not how I wanted to introduce her to Europe. Ever. 

My free hand turns into a fist as I stare at the ground. I finally bring my eyes up back to her and nod, "Fine, but you stick close to me. You do not say or do anything at all. Is this understood? When it comes to meeting the Volturi, you are going to stay far behind with Jacob, Emmett and Rosalie, and simply watch from a distance. Is this understood by all of you?" My eyes dart around our group, meeting with each family member until they all nod slowly. 

My eyes land last on Jasper's -- his eyes hardening slightly. His thoughts tell me that we could need Emmett if it came to a fight. My mouth twitches down. I don't care, my daughter would need more protecting. I wouldn't want any harm to come to her. 

"Alright then," I say, watching Jacob slowly walk towards me. I rip my eyes away from him and turn around with my daughter in my arms. "Let's move. We need to get to our pad immediately and board our plane."

My thoughts move to Bella and I hear Jasper's loud thoughts about Alice. Our soul-mates. We need them and today, we will get them back.
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Bella Cullen
Bella Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:08 pm

I've been staring at the same wall I dented with my head for a few hours now. It's hard to believe Alice and I arrived here just yesterday; one full day ago. That's it.

It felt like years.

I shift my gaze to my torn up cloak a few feet away from me. Out of defeat and frustration, I shredded the ugly, heavy black material. 

My brain never shuts off. It dwells on every negative thing possible. 

I'm a murderer. Alice doesn't know me. Edward isn't with me. I live here in the castle of the Volturi now. Renesmee isn't here. I am a Volturi guard. I am a murderer. I kill people.

I swallow hard and growl. I shove my hands through my hair, smoothing it down. I feel like a trapped animal. No tall, luscious trees of Forks. No delicious, natural smell of rain. No vibrant colors of the forest and insects and water and animals. No space. Just stone, and dullness.

I feel like a monster. I feel filthy, impure, rabid. Another sharp growl rips from me as I whip my head around, not looking for anything in particular. 

What is Alice doing right now? Is she enjoying the feel of warm human skin against her teeth before she bites into it? Does she like the feel of her new cloak obscuring her small body? Can she feel Jasper at all?

I vamp backwards and slam my head into my progressing dent in the ancient wall, letting my eyes graze the ceiling before sitting up again. What is Edward doing right now? Is he thinking about me? Is he hurting as much as I am? Is he hiding his pain to protect our daughter?

What about Esme? How upset is she, how taken aback? Is Emmett making jokes to ease the tension? Are Rosalie and Jacob fighting over who comforts my daughter, only to have Edward not let either of them do it? What is Carlisle thinking; is he planning? Does Jasper feel that Alice's bond has weakened? What is my family doing?

I have never felt so incredibly hopeless in my entire life. I have no plan or idea, nothing to help Alice nor I. My right hand, on its own accord, reaches out to nothing. 

I wish it were Edward's hand there. I feel my soul die some more at the thought of him. I lost him. I was taken away from him. My left hand does the same thing, and my mind wishes it was Renesmee's little hand there, ready to show me happy thoughts.

I need to have hope. Without that, I have nothing. I'm just a vampire trapped here, under control. My emotions constantly go back and forth. I'm hopeful, but then I'm hopeless. I'm sad, but then I'm angry. Then I'm crazy. The cycle repeats over and over in my cell.

I cry out at everything and nothing, my hands turning to fists and flying up and ramming into the stupid wall.
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Jasper Hale

Jasper Hale

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:59 pm

I sit in a seat next to Edward on our private little plane. I took pride in him as a father when he set the rules for Renesmee and her going to Volterra; and especially when he choked out the mutt. What was he thinking?

But that question is like asking what the entire family was thinking. They all settled on it. I suppose I have to have more faith in my niece...although, it's not that I don't. I know she's strong. I just want her safe, like everyone else, and bringing her to Volterra with us is definitely not the way to do it.

"Don't remind me," Edward mutters, gripping his armrests. "Sorry," I say in a low voice.

We took off about an hour ago, and in our plane, the ride to Italy will take four hours rather than ten. I look out the window into the night sky, watching Forks disappear. Being a vampire, we can see much closer and much more detail than a human can, still. Even in an airplane. It's an incredible sight.

I slowly turn back to my brother. "Are you nervous?" I ask quietly, trying to speak low enough so that my family doesn't hear. I could communicate with him in my mind, but I feel I'll go crazy not speaking.

The corner of his mouth twitches, neither a smile nor a frown. He's been doing that often in the past twenty-four hours. 

"No." He answers simply. But by the way the tendons in his hand are strained, I can tell he's lying. I take in his vibe; he is a little nervous, but more upset and determined than anything. Determination to get his mate back is dominant.

I nod slowly in understanding as he meets my eyes. "Are you?" He asks. I swallow and think about it for a moment. 

"I'm afraid he won't give her up," I respond, my voice a bit shaky, I notice. "He has wanted her for as long as I can remember, Edward. It won't be easy."

He sighs and lays his head back against his seat, but his stiff position never falters. "I know." My eyes look past him at Renesmee across from us with Rosalie. Jacob sits behind them, snoring against a pillow.

Emmett, on the other window side, keeps his eyes glued to his mate. Rosalie's fingers trail through my niece's curls as she looks thoughtfully back at him.

Hurt hits my heart. Alice and I could communicate so well by just looking at each other, as if reading each other's minds. Her beautiful golden orbs always so bright and happy... Her strong little fingers running through my hair... The feel of her waist under my palms, her petite yet curvy body pressed against mine.... My lovely soulmate, my wife.

"How am I going to get her back?" I whisper to no one in particular, my head falling back like my brother's and my eyes staring at the ceiling, blank.

"We will, Jasper," Edward whispers back. "We will reason with them as much as possible," Carlisle chimes in, in front of us. I hear him rub Esme's arm.

I wonder if Alice has had the vision yet. Does she see us coming? Will Aro see this? Do both Alice and Bella, along with the entire guard, know we're on our way?

"Daddy," Renesmee speaks up. Edward lifts his head and looks at her, I catch out of the corner of my eye. "Yes, dear?" He replies, concern filling his voice.

"Do you think Aro will let mommy go?" Her voice is small and childlike, innocent. I hurt a little more at hearing my niece's words. Oh, Renesmee... I'm sure that's what everyone is thinking right now. It's just one of those things you hear, and such sadness runs through you... You just look at her and tilt your head with a very slight upturn of the mouth for comfort.

He hesitates before answering. "I definitely think he will if we convince him enough," Edward responds softly. 

Alice still swimming in my mind, I sit back up and look towards Nessie. Edward takes her small hand in his and squeezes, their eyes locked. I briefly wonder if she is showing him something.

Then I wonder what our kids would look like, if Alice and I could have any. Would our girl have blonde hair and our boy, black hair? Or would the girl have black hair like Alice's and the boy blonde, like mine? I bet our daughter would be silly and bubbly, and always happy, like her mother. Our son, maybe he would turn out quiet and observant, like his father.

A shiver breaks my thoughts, but of course I'm not cold. I flex my hands, shake my head. I feel off again... Like a perfect bookshelf but one single book is upside down. Wrong.

By this time, Edward has sat back again, slightly relaxed, holding his daughter's hand between seats. "Edward, I don't feel right," I whisper.

He looks at me with a furrowed brow, as if it were obvious. "Of course you don't, Jasper. Nor do I. Bella and Alice are-"

"It's not that," I cut him off. "It's something else. It's new. I just began feeling it a couple hours ago. Something isn't right."

Edward stares at me, his brow deepening and eyes hardening. "What could it be..."

I break his gaze and accidentally slam my head into the seat, almost ripping it off its hinges in frustration. "I'll find out soon enough, I suppose," I mutter.

This time I grip the armrests of my seat. Hang in there, my little soldier, I think. I'm coming back for you. Edward and I are coming back for you and Bella. We are all coming back for you two. The entire family. We're all in this together. 
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Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Sun Jun 16, 2013 12:25 am

The woman screams at me and I make a face. I fold my arms across my chest and watch as she calls out names that I've never heard of before. Edward? 

When she mentions Jasper, I blink because I've heard that name before. 

I completely forget about the woman, however, as I turn to Aro. He gestures to the humans and the thirst ignites in my throat. I unfold my arms and vamp towards the human closest to me. I yank her towards me and sink my teeth into her warm throat and drink deeply. Delicious. I close my eyes and enjoy the blood running down my throat. I feel myself getting stronger, my muscles tightening. 

I drop the human and I'm grabbing the next one before the first one makes it to the floor. My speed is kicking in and I feel unstoppable. 

When I finish the second one I have a vision. I drop the dead human and I become engulfed in the vision. I see this blond, male vampire on a plane beside another bronze-haired male. I frown, not recognizing the bronze-haired male but I faintly recognize the blond vampire. 

The vision cuts out when I'm tackled to the floor. I let out a gasp until I realize it's a human male that is on top of me. 

Red blurs my vision and I have the man pinned against the wall in a second, my hand around his throat. He claws at my stone grip but I glare up at him, a sneer crossing my face, "Don't touch me, human." 

I snarl at him then my fingers twitch and his head falls to the side, lifeless. I lean in and drain him dry then he falls to the floor. I keep my hands in fists at my sides as I turn to watch the rest of the Volturi rip and tear apart the remaining humans. 

I make a face, remembering that I used to drink animal blood but then I remember how weak I was. I move my right arm up and down and I feel the power practically pulsating through me. I feel more energized and indestructible. Amazing. 

The cloak around me swirls and I meet Aro's eyes and nod. I can do this. I feel as though this is right. I don't remember what I was doing before I came here. My life seems to be in shambles in my mind and...Jasper. That name comes to mind again. My brow furrows and I shake my head to clear it. 

Alec and Jane are at my side. 

"Come," Alec says and the three of us begin to weave our way through the crowd smelling like blood and hunger. 

"We are returning you to your room for now," Jane remarks. 

Upon arrival, the door shut behind me, I move to stare out the window and notice that the sun is heading towards the west. Nighttime will soon be upon Volterra. 

"Alice!" A voice hisses through the wall. That voice -- it sounds like that woman who was yelling at me and throwing these names at me. 

My red eyes focus on the wall and I wait a full sixty seconds before replying in a dry, bored tone, "What?" 

I don't know this woman and I don't know how she knows me. She is connected to Jasper, though, because she said his name. I shake my head slowly and wait for her to speak again. She is silent and I think I hear a muffled sob but I can't be sure.

Isabella. That's what Aro had called her. 

"Isabella," I say and I'm about to continue when she shouts with happiness. 

"Yes, Alice, yes yes you remember! Alice, I'm your sister. Don't you remember? Alice please, try and remember. You remember Jasper, though, I know you do!" She spews words at me and I only blink, my breath pausing when she says Jasper. I know that name from somewhere but I wonder what he has to do with my life. 

"You? No, I don't know you at all. Jasper I remember faintly," my mouth twists into a sneer as I face the window again. She tries to speak to me again, shout words through the wall about Edward and Esme and other names that I don't bother to remember or recall at all. 

Names that I don't recognize. Names that are unimportant to me.
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Emmett Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:53 am

My eyes are glued to the person I love, my mate.

I can’t think straight. Heck, do I even think? Let alone, think straight. But anyway, now I just feel so…blank. In a flash, I saw my family get hurt and I wasn’t able to do anything to prevent that from happening. In a flash, I saw my sisters getting dragged out of my sight, of our lives, probably forever. That’s the one thing I’ve always been afraid of, separation.

My eyes are glued to the person who makes me whole. I’m afraid to let her out of my sight and afraid to look at my family with broken hearts. It’s hard to think about the fact that I’m sitting here with my mate beside me while my two brothers are sitting on the other side of the plane, thinking of how to save their mates.


I lean over at Rosalie and press my lips to the side of her head softly. “I love you. We’ll get through this.” I whisper to her as she continues to brush the hair of Renesmee. I pulled back a little and she fixes her eyes on mine and I see her lips twitch into a small smile. I give her an encouraging smile, knowing that she’s been thinking really hard for the past couple of hours and she’s been keeping it to herself. I reach out and run a hand on her hair, settling it on her back as I glance up to where my brothers are having a small chat that I could barely hear due to the cloud of blur in my mind.

I purse my lips, trying my best to think. But nothing’s forming in this pea brain of mine. War. That’s the only thing written in this blank page of my mind. I know in times like this, everything I have in mind is to fight. Just go for it and fight. But this is a special case, one we can’t just go for without a plan.

But do we even have a plan as of this moment? We’re in a plane going to Italy to save my sisters and yet we haven’t talked about what would really happen in there. Heck, we don’t even know what’s happening right now. I don’t think we can even imagine the possible things my sisters are doing.

And again, we find ourselves in the same situation before the Volturi arrived at Forks,

Sit and wait.
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PostSubject: Re: Just Bad Luck   

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Just Bad Luck
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