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 The Troubles With Newborns..

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The Troubles With Newborns.. Empty
PostSubject: The Troubles With Newborns..   The Troubles With Newborns.. EmptyThu Aug 30, 2012 11:02 pm

"The trouble with newborns are their complete idiocy when it comes to subtly," I spoke, flipping my hair over my shoulder and strolling down the marble flooring of the Volturi Fortress.

I didn't expect a reply to my comment from the equally quiet twins but apparently they were as irritated with the situation as I was.

"Indeed," Jane drawled out, pulling her hood over her hair as we drew closer to the entrance.

"But it would be entirely dull without them," Alec pointed out and Jane and I couldn't help but nod.

Master Aro had just spoken to us about eradicating a group of filth that had just trespassed into our city. Newborns, freshly changed and looking for a good meal within the blood-filled streets.

However, Volturi guards did not allow feedings within the city unless it was from the very Volturi who guarded the streets. And the fools had broken the first and most closely watch law of all, they had exposed themselves to human eyes. Only a small number but they had scared and frightened four humans when suddenly faced with a dazzling vampire.

Newborns were boastful and that was their biggest downfall.

Felix and Demetri had already left to hunt down the shocked humans and they would soon make a meal for the two men. Now it was Jane, Alec, and my turn to deal with the newborns.

"Such a pity," I mumbled, throwing open the doors and walking down the steps.
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The Troubles With Newborns..
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